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This off-season, the Aaron Judge-led New York Yankees are having an extended holiday season as the team failed to make it to the postseason in 2023. While the players enjoy their gala time, the leisure time will be cut short once the spring training commences as per schedule next month around Valentine’s Day.

Regardless, before the spring training grind commences, Yankee players are making the most of the available off-time. Recently, captain Aaron Judge marked his presence at an NFL wild-card game in Tampa. However, the Yankees captain’s wardrobe selection raised many eyebrows amongst the MLB community.


Aaron Judge Dons Giants’ Orange Color At An NFL Game!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge AP

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge attended the NFL’s wild-card game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, which is just 10 minutes away from the Steinbrenner baseball field. The captain was accompanied by his wife, Samantha, and Yankee teammates Gleyber Torres and Anthony Volpe. However, the slugger grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. Judge, typically seen in the iconic pinstripes of the Yankees, surprised fans and onlookers as he sported a San Francisco Giants orange t-shirt. As soon as Judge’s outfit images went public, social media platforms lit up with reactions, memes, and discussions surrounding Judge’s attire. Fans engaged in playful banter, while others raised doubts about Aaron Judge’s loyalties with his current team, the New York Yankees.

Many recalled the last off-season when the captain made frequent trips to San Francisco, thus giving a near heart attack to the Yankee fans. Last off-season, Aaron Judge was a free agent and accordingly explored all possible opportunities elsewhere before eventually returning to New York. However, Judge remained strongly linked to Giants, with one renowned insider even confirming the move by hilariously misspelling the slugger’s name. Fortunately, Yankees owner and managing partner Hal Steinbrenner knocked some sense into Judge as he offered him a lucrative extension deal. Having said that, while Judge’s orange attire drew wild speculations, the Yankee fans must remain rest assured about Judge’s loyalties. He is still very much a Yankee and will likely remain a forever Yankee by the end of his successful career in MLB.

Judge Trains With Gleyber Torres Ahead Of Crucial 2024 Season!

and Gleyber Torres high-five after Judge’s home run. Twitter NYY

Yankee teammates Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres are using the off-season not just to unwind but also to prepare for the upcoming challenging season. The duo was recently seen practicing together in a batting cage accompanied by Yankees hitting coach James Rowson and another teammate, Oswaldo Cabrera. Torres, who recently signed an arbitration contract, uploaded the video of the same on his X handle.

The upcoming season is a crucial one for the New York Yankees. The lost narrative labeled by the 2023 season must be reversed at all costs. The franchise’s esteemed image is on the line. And thus, the roster needs to step up collectively to produce a change. With only one month to spring training, players are expected to reach Tampa in the next couple of weeks.