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CHECKOUT: Why Juan Soto Is The Reason For New York Yankees Having World Series In Sight?

The New York Yankees exceeded all expectations when they traded Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres this off-season. In a bold and risky move, the front office acquired one of the perennial hitters in the league in a seven-player exchange deal. It’s important to note that Soto will arrive in the Bronx with only a one-year guarantee.

Regardless, the New York Yankees are confident of a bounce back after an all-time low season. The 2023 season turned out to be the worst in the franchise’s four decades-long history. Regardless, after the Juan Soto trade, the club’s odds of contesting for a World Series championship have elevated significantly.


Yankees Projected To Win AL-East In 2024!

Juan Soto, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees’ 2024 MLB season turned from bad to worse as the year progressed. In the aftermath of a grievous series of losses and brutal slumps, the team finished outside the postseason. Not only that, but the club finished fourth in AL-East, the division they once ruled. However, in 2024, the tables are expected to turn. PECOTA standings see the Bronx Bombers producing an awe-inspiring comeback this year with a sublime 94-win record. Not only that, the baseball prospectuses predicted that the Yanks would clinch the AL-East title. Additionally, the Yanks’ odds of winning a World Series title are ranked third best amongst the gigantic lot. However, the main question is whether a high-scale resurgence from just one signing is indeed possible.

It depends on how the New York Yankees use their assets, especially Juan Soto. While Soto is young, the perennial batter is not immune to injuries. Additionally, Soto’s batting position is crucial to ensure the highest degree of productivity. Notably, the 25-year-old was coming off a career-best 35-home-run season with the Padres in 2023. Thus, it’s highly crucial for the Bronx Bombers to channel his red-hot form into something fruitful. Overall, with Juan Soto, NYY has built a formidable hitting lineup. He and Aaron Judge are expected to produce fireworks with the bat on the plate. While competition within the AL East is expected to be fierce, the Yanks’ combination of talent, experience, and depth positions them as the favorites to clinch the division crown in 2024. As the season unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the Yanks’ quest for supremacy in their pursuit of postseason success.

Baltimore Orioles Get Stronger With Bold Trade

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Having said that, winning the AL-East won’t be a cakewalk for the New York Yankees. They will likely witness a steep challenge from defending AL-East division champions, the Baltimore Orioles. Moreover, in a significant addition, the Orioles traded former CY Young pitcher Corbin Burnes in a surprising move.

With Corbin Burnes, the Orioles have addressed a key weakness in the pitching department. Meanwhile, the Yankees are still wandering for a potent pitching piece. Interestingly, the Yanks also tried to poach Burnes from Brewers earlier into the off-season. But the steep asking price forced the Bombers to bow out. It’s safe to say that Orioles and Yanks are currently favorites to win AL-East in 2024.

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