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The New York Yankees had a pretty good pitching department last season. It was deep and had a pretty good balance. However, that was just not good enough to help the team get to the playoffs. The NY side eventually failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, they had the second-worst batting average in the league last year. Hence, the Bronx Bombers needed to make some significant changes this offseason. And that’s what the 27-time champions did this winter. They brought some heavy reinforcements in the outfield. Clearly, the biggest signing was Juan Soto.

Now, the Yankees will hope to make the postseason in 2024 with Aaron Judge and the Dominican superstar in the same lineup. But the NY side was seeing a worsening pitching situation because they sacrificed a lot of resources to get the hitters they needed this offseason. Since then, the Bronx Bombers had been looking for a solid starting pitcher who could fit alongside Gerrit Cole. Albeit, the Yankees narrowly missed their chance to sign the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. But the Yankees must go all-in to land the best-starting pitcher available in the free agency right now. Even Cole and the captain want the team to do it. 


Can Aaron Judge And Gerrit Cole Convince The Yankees GM To Sign Blake Snell?

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The Yankees already offered Snell a six-year contract worth $150 million that he refused. But the former San Diego Padres pitcher is looking for a deal around nine years worth $270 million. Several teams generally avoid signing such long-term contracts with pitchers nowadays because certain hurlers lose consistency after signing such big deals. For instance, Carlos Rodon had an awful time so far with the Yankees since he wore the Pinstripes uniform. Anyhow, the number of laurels of Blake Snell speaks volumes of his talent.

Clearly, a two-time Cy Young winner can ask for a hefty price like that. Recently, the New York Post’s Jon Heyman reported that the 2023 AL Cy Young winner and the 2022 AL MVP “Recommended” their team’s front office to sign the SD Padres ace. However, Heyman added that the two sides are too far apart to make a difference with their recommendations. Other than Snell, the Yankees are also favorites to land Cody Bellinger and JD Martinez this free agency. But they have not made any formal offers for a contract to these free agents. But the problem is that the spring training is only three weeks away. 

What Might Be The Main Reason For Hesitation To Offer Snell What He Desires?

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: NBC Sports

Jon Heyman shared his thoughts on why the Yankees are hesitating to sign Snell for a nine-year deal worth $270 million. The New York Post reporter believes it has something to do with the first year of Carlos Rodon. Blake Snell’s camp calls the desired salary as the “Market bid.” But the Yankees got Rodon for a $162 million deal. Then, injuries crept in, and Rodon had an awful debut season for the NY side.

But everybody knows Rodon can perform a whole lot better. However, Blake Snell never had Tommy John surgery. Hence, he is not as injury-prone as the other guys. Moreover, since 2020, Snell has been performing exceedingly well. Hence, the Yankees might go all-in based on a leap of faith. That’s all it takes. 

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