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CHECKOUT: Who Can Surpass Yankees Cap Aaron Judge As The King Of New York Sports?

New York Yankees captain and superstar slugger Aaron Judge has been the face of New York Sports since his MVP season in 2022. His nature in the city’s sports culture cannot be underscored. Judge proved his loyalty towards the metro city when he signed a nine-year extension contract despite being offered huge bucks from the San Diego Padres.

Since then, the people of New York have adored Aaron Judge. They treat the California native one of their own. It’s safe to say a major half of the Yankee fanbase is driven by Judge’s presence in the lineup. Having said that, it seems a new sportsperson is emerging from the shadows to challenge Judge’s stature in New York Sports.


Radio Host Announces NBA Star Jalen Brunson as New Face of New York Sports!

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Fox News

WFAN radio host Evan Roberts and Tiki Barber indulged in a debate over the actual face of New York Sports. While Yankees captain Aaron Judge has held the title of no.1 sportsperson in the city for the longest time, he even thinks it’s time for a change. Roberts crowned New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson as the undisputed king of New York Sports. The PG recently recorded a 40+ points game to guide the Knicks to a ninth straight win this NBA season. Thus, Evan Roberts believes the people of New York are witnessing a change of heart. They love Brunson as much as they once loved Judge.

However, Tiki Barber countered Evan’s claims. He says Aaron Judge is one of the best offensive players in baseball. He is recognized as a great baseball figure across the country. However, Roberts wasn’t buying it. He says the country’s perception doesn’t matter. As far as New York City is concerned, Roberts ranks Jalen Brunson over Judge as the undisputed king of sports. “Aaron Judge may fall to No. 2. I can’t believe I’m saying this,” said Evan Roberts. Undoubtedly, the competition for the title of king of New York Sports is fierce. Athletes from various sports are vying for recognition and adulation. However, as Jalen Brunson continues to shine for the Knicks, he has the potential to carve out a legacy.

Aaron Judge Attends Knicks Game With Star Rapper

Aaron Judge

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge continues to support the New York Knicks despite his individual batter with Jalen Brunson. The slugger was recently spotted at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Not only that, the Yankees captain bumped into renowned rapper Drake. The duo hugged it out and had a little chat before enjoying the great game of basketball. Interestingly, Judge’s Yankee teammate Giancarlo Stanton also accompanied this captain.

Having said that, Aaron Judge got to witness Jalen Brunson’s prowess up close and personal. In Judge’s presence, the Knicks secured a 125-109 victory over the Miami Heat. Not only that, Brunson scored 30 points to guide his team to a sixth consecutive victory. Meanwhile, it’s the last few days of rest before the Yankees captain returns to the 2024 MLB season grind. Spring training will commence in less than two weeks from now.

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