Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: WFSB

The New York Yankees have a pretty good outfield at present. It was not the case after the previous season was over. In fact, they had a major weakness in their outfield. The NY side had the second-worst batting average last season. Only the Oakland Athletics had it worse than the Bronx Bombers. But the weak offense of the 27-time champions cost them yet another season. They could not even reach the postseason in 2023. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers finished the previous season with an 82-80 record. Hence, they needed significant changes, and that’s what they made this winter. Moreover, the Yankees got the big fish from the San Diego Padres.

Now, the fans must hope to see the team get to the playoffs in 2024, with Aaron Jude and Juan Soto playing alongside each other. Moreover, the NY side has Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham in their lineup, too. Albeit it makes the offense and the lineup look stronger, it also creates a bit of confusion for the manager. Moreover, while speaking with Foul Territory, Aaron Boone was discussing how he would plan the outfield and the lineup. Perhaps dropping Giancarlo Stanton might open up a few doors for the Yankees manager. 


What Prospects Would Open Up If Yankees Drop Giancarlo Stanton In Their Lineup?

Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: ESPN

Even last season, Giancarlo Stanton has been the designated hitter of the New York Yankees. However, the concern for the front office around Stanton is the fact that he is becoming even more injury-prone. Albeit he mentioned that he has been working hard on his fitness since the offseason started for the team. It started a bit too early compared to other teams last season. Before September 5, Giancarlo Stanton hit lower than fourth in the lineup only once last year. Since September 5, Stanton hit lower than fourth in the lineup eight out of the 16 times he played at the fag end of the regular season.

Moreover, the final 16 games were all without Anthony Rizzo from the lineup. Stanton has been the Yankees primary cleanup hitter since 2018 when he arrived. But he was not as productive last year as Gleyber Torres and Anthony Rizzo in the batting order. Hence, as per The Athletic, it might be time for the Yankees to make Stanton earn his spot back in the order. On top of that, if Aaron Boone tries to put Stanton back in the No.4 spot, he’ll have to drop both Torres and Rizzo.

What Are The Other Options For Aaron Boone?

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

The Yankees might consider giving Alex Verdugo the leadoff role. Among other roles he has played, is the second in the lineup. But that place is for the Yankees Captain. Aaron Judge has been the main No.2 hitter for the NY side in recent times. Moreover, Juan Soto prefers to hit third, everybody might know that by now.

Hitting third, the Dominican superstar has an OPS of .986, starting 311 times. On the contrary, when Soto started 216 times hitting second his OPS dropped to .817. Hence, it is better if the Yankees allow Juan Soto to bat in third as he prefers. Then comes the No.4 spot, and will it be Stanton taking that place or someone else? Only time can tell.

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