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Golden State Warriors met a tragic fate when they lost assistant coach Dejan Milojevic during a road trip to Utah. During a team dinner night, the coach collapsed in front of the team as he was rushed to the hospital. In the wake of the medical emergency, the NBA postponed the scheduled game against Utah.

Later in the day, Dejan’s family flew to Utah and ultimately decided to take him off life support. Needless to say, the whole NBA was taken aback by the tragic news. However, the Warriors first heard it from none other than head coach Steve Kerr. Recently, Steph Curry revealed how Kerr handled the situation like a true leader.


Steph Curry Lauds Steve Kerr For Keeping Himself Together Amid Dejan Milojevic Sad Demise

Steve Kerr disputes media criticism of Steph Curry’s leadership after the recent Draymond Green incident with Jusuf Nurkic. Sportskeeda

Stever Kerr, Golden State Warriors head coach, was the first personnel affiliated with the organization to learn about Dejan Milojevic’s passing. For Kerr, the loss was personal as he had worked with Dejan closely over the extended past. However, the coach had no time to grieve as he had to face the team. Steph Curry, during an interview with The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II, revealed that Kerr broke the news to the team. “He didn’t shy away from the moment at all. And did his best to meet the moment with sincerity and reverence for what Deki meant to all of us,” said Curry.

Steph Curry added how Steve Kerr added a human touch to this difficult period. He allowed each person time to grieve the loss. And never rushed anyone to hop onto the court immediately. Not only that, Kerr’s words resonated with each player’s feelings towards Dejan. Thus, the coach managed to strike the right cord while condoling the affected players. Curry further lauded Kerr for his unconditional support not just for this particular moment but for all times he guided the team through difficult times. He referred to Steve Kerr as a true and genuine leader. “Kerr didn’t have to do that. But he chose to,” concluded Steph Curry. Indeed, the Warriors endured a traumatic life experience in this past week. However, the group is ready to continue business as usual as they face the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday.

Warriors Coach Shares Honest Take On Resuming Basketball After Deki’s Demise

Photo by Etienne Laurent/EPA-EFE

A week after Dejan Milojevic’s tragic demise, the Golden State Warriors will resume basketball. The team will square off with the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. Ahead of the scheduled game, head coach Steve Kerr opened up on the team’s gloomy atmosphere. He said that nobody is feeling normal and people are still grieving.

However, he knows Deki would have wanted the Warriors to go out there and win some games. That’s the only motivation the team wishes to carry as they resume the season on Wednesday. Meanwhile, prior to the start of the game, the Dubs have planned a tribute for the late coach. The players will don Dejan Milojevic’s initials on the jerseys and pay respects before the start of the game.

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