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The Golden State Warriors had a pretty bad start to the current ongoing season. Last season, the Dubs faced an unexpected elimination in round 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers. But they hoped to bounce back this season with flying colors. However, things have not gone as far as planned for the San Francisco-based team. Moreover, key players have really let down the team with their poor consistency level. On top of that, the back-to-back suspensions of the veteran forward Draymond Green have been the most significant setback so far this season for the Warriors.

Green’s absence really created a big void in the Dub’s defense. Perhaps that is the reason why they lost a few close games giving up a lot of points at the fag end of some games. If poor performances of the Splash Brothers in terms of consistency were not enough, then injuries and Green’s absence really gave a big blow to the GSW. That’s why the new GM of the Dubs will look to make some significant changes ahead of the trade deadline. Recently, the Warriors gave some big injury updates on Gary Payton and Moses Moody. 


How Are Payton And Moody Doing?

Moses Moody Warriors
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On Monday afternoon, the Warriors made an official announcement, sharing the injury updates on Moses Moody and Gary Payton II. As per the Golden State Warriors, Moses Moody sustained a grade 1 strain around his left calf against the New Orleans Pelicans on January 10. Later, he missed three games on the trot. Recently, the Dubs re-evaluated Moody. As per the re-evaluation, the Dubs guard is making pretty good progress. They have cleared Moody to start light on-court individual workouts. Moreover, the Warriors would re-evaluate him again in one week. On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors stated Gary Payton II sustained a grade 2 strain around his left hamstring against the Orlando Magic on January 2.

Later, he missed seven games on the trot. The Warriors have also re-evaluated Payton. He is also making good progress as far as the re-evaluation. On top of that, the Warriors have also cleared Payton to start some light on-court individual workouts. However, the Golden State Warriors would re-evaluate Payton again in a couple of weeks. At the moment, the Dubs need much more help than just the duo of Moody and Payton. Moreover, the roster of the Warriors is just not raising much hope anymore. Lately, the Dubs have sidelined Chris Paul as well. 

How The Dubs Will Benefit After Getting Back Moody And Payton Available For Their Rotation?

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Gary Payton II Warriors Source: Yardbarker

Albeit, the Warriors in a much deeper crisis, getting back Payton and Moody would surely help in stabilizing their rotation a little bit. Since Chris Paul is out, Moses Moody can get a little more game time when he returns. On the other hand, Gary Payton II has been a solid rotation piece for the Golden State Warriors whenever he stayed healthy.

Moreover, the Dubs will take any help they can at present as they are lingering around the bottom of the Western Conference. Currently, Steve Kerr’s side is the 12th seed in the West with an 18-22 record. The Dub Nation will look up to the Big three for turning things around. But before them, it is essential to watch out for the changes the seven-time champions can make.

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