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CHECKOUT: This Is Why Yankees Still A Good Chance Of Acquiring Blake Snell!

The New York Yankees have solved certain issues in their roster after the failure of the last season. They did not have a dependable outfield and offense to begin with. Moreover, the NY side ended with the second-worst batting average last year. They could only finish with a better average than the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. Anyhow, the Bronx Bombers ended the last season with an awful 82-80 record. Hence, they had some work to do this winter. Moreover, the front office has been more or less successful to have a great offseason. They landed the big fish from the San Diego Padres.

Now, with Juan Soto and Aaron Judge in the same lineup, the Yankees can feel good about their offensive strength. But the NY side can’t forget about their shaky bullpen. Albeit, they have the ace Gerrit Cole. He won the AL Cy Young last year. But they needed a starting pitcher who could fit alongside Cole. Previously, they missed out on landing the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Later, they signed Marcus Stroman for a two-year deal worth $37 million. But the Yankees were looking for a more dependable starter like Blake Snell. 


Can Yankees Finally Seal The Deal With Blake Snell?

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

Previously, the Yankees offered the former San Diego Padres ace a six-year deal worth $150 million. But the ace declined the offer initially. However, patience has been the theme of Snell’s time in free agency. Now, the teams are getting ready for the Spring Training. But it seems the two-time Cy Young winner will remain a free agent. As per his agent, Scott Boras, the former Padres ace is asking for a nine-year deal worth $270 million. However, it is too high a price for several teams to say “Okay.” But if Blake Snell can lower his asking price, the first team that should jump on the opportunity is the New York Yankees.

As per FanSided, the two-time Cy Young winner just makes too much sense for the Bronx Bombers. If they sign him, they can pair him up with Gerrit Cole to stabilize their shaky starting pitcher lineup. Snell’s agent wants a mega deal for him. Can Scott Boras get the Yankees to sign him at the last minute? Looking at the NY side’s roster, it does look like a bit shaky lineup because of their average age. Aaron Judge is 31, and Cole is 33. On the other hand, they have had Juan Soto for only a year.

Fans Are Not Liking The Idea Of Missing Out On Snell

Yankees Faithful
Yankees Nation Source: MLB.com

Despite having a great offseason, the Yankees roster might not be as great as the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East. Like last season, the Orioles might dominate their division again. As time running out, there is a growing discontent among the fans. Perhaps landing Blake Snell can solve the issue of discontent with the Yankees Faithful.

The fans are desperate to see their beloved team make it to the World Series for the first time since 2009. Can they win the World Series this year? Only time can answer that. But they need one more card to solve the puzzle. And that might just be the former San Diego Padres ace pitcher.

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