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REPORTS: Joe Girardi Set To Replace Aaron Boone As The Next Yankees Manager?

The New York Yankees had been through a lot of ups and downs since Aaron Boone became their manager. Last year, they failed to make the postseason. It was the first time that the NY side failed to qualify for the postseason since 2016. But Aaron Boone became the manager of the Bronx Bombers in 2018. Anyhow, the team could never really go very far in the playoffs with Boone as their skipper. Several fans expressed their distrust in the current manager. But he has one more year remaining in his contract with the Yankees. Moreover, Aaron Judge showed complete trust in his skipper even after the failure of the 2023 season.

On top of that, the NY side made some significant changes this offseason. They added the league’s best offensive hitter to boost their batting order. Now, the team won’t need to worry about playing without the captain for a minimum of 30 games like last season. It will still be a big loss, but they will know that the rotation has another superstar hitter. Only time can tell if the combination of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge help the Yankees reach their dream destination. Then, the organization can make a decision on Aaron Boone’s future.


Yankees May Take Notice Of A Potential Boone’s Successor In Joe Girardi

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Right now, Joe Girardi might be just laying the groundwork for being the next Yankees manager. On Tuesday night, the new YES Network analyst appeared on the YES Hot Stove Show. The extremely familiar face to New York fans made it seem like Joe’s gig in the Yankees booth might have the same result as Theo Epstein’s job with Fenway Sports Group. Albeit, it seems like he is there looking for a good time and perhaps not a long time. After the latest show on YES, it is clear that Girardi views the “Booth” as an “Interim Stop” while he moves forward to his next chapter as a manager.

The last time he was a manager was with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2022. Later, the franchise fired him and ended up reaching the “Big Dance.” But that was thanks to Joe’s successor in the Phillies organization. Anyway, Girardi wants to manage again. But if the Yankees reach the 2024 playoffs, they might extend Aaron Boone’s contract rather than replace him with Joe. On the other hand, Joe Girardi is a disciplinarian who the Yankees might not like to have as a manager. 

Why Girardi Doesn’t Really Fit In The New York Team’s Setup?

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The NY side is forward-thinking, and data is what drives them. If they hire Joe Girardi, that would accomplish only one of those characteristics. The likeliest scenario is that the 27-time champions will pluck a former catcher who’s 38 years old. Moreover, the former catcher might be on the cutting edge for his first-ever manager’s job.

On the other hand, they might want to go ahead with anyone from their broadcast booth to find an infusion of familiarity. Adam Weinrib of Yanks Go Yard believes if the Yankees were looking for familiarity, they could hire Carlos Beltran. Girardi might want Boone’s job, but it will take “One hell of an ad read/record” for the Yankees to even consider giving him that.

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