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CHECKOUT: Tensions Escalate At Red Bull As Key Member’s Future Is Tied With Christian Horner

Red Bull Racing finds itself in a deep crisis just months after recording the most successful season in the history of F1. The drink-based outfit finished with a 99% win record, having won 22 of the 23 races on the calendar. As the team was poised for another successful season in 2024, a large-scale tragedy struck Milton Keynes.

The most successful and longest-serving team principal, Christian Horner, was slapped with cross-border behavior charges as Red Bull launched an external investigation. As Horner awaits ruling on his future, the drink-based outfit could lose another senior member as his future remains tied with the team principal.


Adrian Newey Could Leave Red Bull If Christian Horner Is Sacked!

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Red Bull loyalists reportedly suggested Christian Horner step down from his position voluntarily in the wake of incriminating charges. A female employee of the reigning F1 champions lodged a complaint against her boss, which motivated the ongoing investigation. However, as of now, the active team principal has denied the suggestion. He continues to run the office as external investigators contemplate his fate. A hearing has been called on Friday, during which Christian’s future with the drink-based outfit will become clearer. Having said that, ahead of the d-day, the reigning world champions are facing an imminent threat of losing not one but two key seniors who contributed heavily to the team’s success in the past several decades.

As per several media reports, aero wizards Adrian Newey and Christian Horner are contractually entangled. Their respective deals protect one another, which basically means that if Horner leaves the organization, Newey can follow his cue as well without any viable cause or reasoning. Notably, Newey and Horner have been at Red Bull since its inception in Formula One. The dynamic duo oversaw several championships and scaled new heights in the pinnacle of motorsport. Newey, especially, has been unbeatable when it comes to his impeccable aerodynamics knowledge and uncanny ways of implementations. That being said, losing Horner and Newey amid an invincible run could jolt the drink-based outfit from within. With just a couple of weeks left for pre-season testing, the reigning champions are tackling a crisis never seen before. A big shake-up is expected by this weekend.

Internal Political Conspiracy Suspected Behind Christian Horner’s Alleged Investigation

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Christian Horner Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: Daily Express

F1 journalist Jonathan McEvoy has suggested a political conspiracy brewing against Christian Horner in Red Bull. After the death of founder Dietrich Mateschitz in 2022, Oliver Mintzlaff and Chalerm Yoovidhya have held key positions in the office. But the duo’s mindset differs from one another. The difference in opinion has led to a witch-hunt against Horner.

Additionally, an alternate report claimed that Thai businessman Chalerm Yoovidhya, who holds a 51% stake in Red Bull, will decide on Christian Horner’s future. He will take every scenario under consideration before making a final decision. While Chalerm has had a cordial relationship with Horner in the past, the severity of the allegations could flip the Thai owner’s perspective towards the 50-year-old Brit.

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