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CHECKOUT: Rich Paul Explains How Different LeBron James & Michael Jordan Are Regarding The GOAT Debate

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have dominated the NBA league in two different generations. The kid from Akron, Ohio, has been a big fan of MJ since he was growing up. At present, King James is an inspiration for millions of basketball fans all over the world. Michael Jordan and King James often find themselves in comparison regarding the GOAT debate.

Recently, on Gilbert Arena’s podcast, the agent of LBJ, Rich Paul, gave a comparison of the candidates for the GOAT debate. The Klutch Sports Group founder included Kobe Bryant in the conversation, who was also a Nike player. Moreover, Rich Paul stated that Jordan and Kobe would never care to make friends with others and looked at them as their competitors. On the other hand, King James is more inclusive.


Agent Of LeBron James Explains Why The King Deserves More Credit Than MJ Or Kobe

Kobe Bryant LeBron James
Kobe Bryant LeBron James Source: Sky Sports

Rich Paul stated on Gil’s Arena podcast that MJ and Kobe would drive people toward them with what they would do on the court. But they would never want to speak for certain periods with some people. On the other hand, King James is inclusive and familiar. But too much familiarity can breed disrespect, feels Rich Paul. However, the Klutch Sports founder pointed out the advancement of social media that LeBron James has to deal with, but MJ or Kobe never had to as players. Despite all the negativity that comes from social media, James reached the GOAT status.

That’s why LBJ’s agent, Rich Paul, feels King James deserves a lot more credit. The level of scrutiny that LeBron James faced all these years was not there during the prime days of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. But Rich Paul believes, like most sports fans, that MJ transcended the basketball game. However, Kobe Bryant was like a silhouette of MJ. On the other hand, LeBron James is a force of nature that nobody has seen before. It is highly unlikely that there will be another specimen like King James who can deal with the 24/7/365 news cycle so well.   

LBJ Or MJ – Who’s The Greatest?

LeBron James Michael Jordan
LeBron James Michael Jordan Source: The Mirror

There have been many other great players as well, like Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Shaquille O’Neal. But none of them have such superstar status as Jordan or James. Hence, in every GOAT debate, people compare MJ or King James. Last season, after breaking the all-time scoring record, LeBron James mentioned, “I do believe I’m the greatest.” But he also added that he can’t speak for everybody as they have their own personal opinions.

On the other hand, Michael Jordan, in an interview, reacted to a poll that stated the greatest sportspersons in the world. In that poll, he was third after Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali. As a reply, Michael Jordan mentioned that it depends on the different generations who vote for these polls. MJ expressed his thought that twenty years later, the new generations might consider and vote for LeBron James over him. There are many similarities between Jordan and James. For instance, both are Nike players and have revolutionized the brand products.