LeBron James Rich Paul
LeBron James Rich Paul Source: Yahoo Sports

LeBron James has been the epitome of longevity and durability, as the last season was his 20th in the NBA. He still looks fitter than many young basketball players. He had been feeling good physically, jumping higher and running faster than players in their 20s. Moreover, the 38-year-old legend will be one short of 40 after the end of the 2023-24 season. He is definitely at the twilight of his career. But the hunger to win titles is what keeps him going.

In the recent offseason, the Lakers front office did a great job. They were able to keep the main core together, which helped them reach the conference finals in the 2022-23 season. Despite the fact that the Denver Nuggets blew the Los Angeles Lakers away 4-0 in the Western Conference Finals. But the primary concern of the Lakers fans has been the couple of hints LeBron James gave of his retirement after the WCF. It was humiliating indeed. Hence the question arises, will the Lakers ace return? Looks like his agent Rich Paul has a solid answer for the question. According to him, James will play as long as he stays healthy and excited.


The King’s Agent Rich Paul Assures That James Will Stay With Lakers In 2024

LeBron James Rich Paul
LeBron James Rich Paul Source: The Irish Times

After the good work of the Lakers’ front office in the offseason, it seems like LeBron James hopes to return wearing the purple and gold jersey in the next season. In a recent interview, his agent, Rich Paul, told Frank Isola and SiriusXM NBA Radio that LeBron James still has the motivation to play in the league. After two weeks of the WCF, LeBron sent a message to Paul expressing just that. In that interview, they asked Rich Paul if he thinks LeBron James can play till he is 44 or 45. Rich Paul responded that he could never say no to LeBron James.

According to the King’s agent, he can play in the NBA as long as he stays healthy and full of excitement about the game. Hence, Rich Paul assures that LeBron James is definitely playing in the next season. Moreover, he had the dream to play alongside his son Bronny. Now the question remains if the King can hang on till that moment arrives. Moreover, the Lakers look good to win the title next year. Anyway, LeBron James has one more year in his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Will he re-sign with the Lakers next year, and for how long are still questions in the unknown?

Can LeBron James Win His 5th Championship At 39?

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

Fans can actually breathe a sigh of relief after Rich Paul assures that LeBron James is staying in the next season as an active player for sure. Even in his late 30s, LeBron James wants the chance to prove that he can lead a team to championships. Individually, very few players can even imagine breaking as many records as King James did in his long and illustrious career.

Lately, he broke Kareem ‘Captain’ Abdul-Jabbar’s almost four decades old all-time scoring record. Even James mentioned that he never imagined becoming the all-time scoring leader. Moreover, he is also number four on the all-time assist list. However, individual glories aside, Lebron James wants to win his second title with the Los Angeles Lakers. It will be his fifth overall.