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EXPLAINED: Why Red Bull Are Nervous About Singapore? Aims On Getting This Step Right To Ensure Victory!

Red Bull is enjoying an unprecedented dominance on the F1 grid. They are going through a historic run, and they would not want it to come to an end. Moreover, the Milton Keynes team has won 15 straight races. Max Verstappen recently broke former Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel’s record for most consecutive race wins. Now he is on a ten-race winning streak.

But the way things have proceeded this season states that if it is not Max, then it will be Sergio Perez. Checo has won a couple of races this season. However, it looked as if the fans could witness a tremendous internal rivalry of Red Bull’s drivers this season to win the title. Anyway, they are going through a historic record with 15 GP wins back-to-back. However, the team recently expressed worries regarding the Singaporean Grand Prix that will happen in two week’s time.


Red Bull Is Not Very Optimistic About The Singaporean Grand Prix

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Sergio Perez won last year’s Singaporean GP, while Max Verstappen finished at P7 in Singapore last year. But Red Bull team feels that their rivals, Ferrari, are pretty strong at street circuits. Hence, it won’t be as easy as fans expect the race to be for Red Bull. Recently, in an interview, Sergio Perez told the media that he agrees with his teammate that anything can happen on the Singaporean GP. Checo feels it is essential to start pretty well so that they get pole positions.

Moreover, if teams don’t get to start well in these street circuits, then it becomes incredibly difficult to finish at the top. Hence, the Red Bull’s goal will be to finish in the front row, and only then can they have a shot at victory. Sergio Perez feels only one small mistake on their part can ruin the historic winning run for Red Bull. Hence, they are preparing for everything. On the other hand, Red Bull enjoyed their sixth one-two finish this season at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. 

Can Sergio Perez Break Max Verstappen’s Streak?

Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull
Sergio Perez Christian Horner Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

After the first four races, both drivers shared a couple of race wins. However, Checo faded away since the Miami Grand Prix. He became the only driver to win the Azerbaijan Grand Prix twice in F1 history. But then he had a P2 finish in Miami. Later, he just lost all consistency and let his teammate have all the fun. Moreover, it has been a complete Red Bull hegemony since last year. They have all 14 races so far. But last year, the Milton Keynes team won 17 from 22 races.

Hence, they have a chance to better their record in an F1 season. Now, the question is if Christian Horner’s team can win all the remaining races this season. Moreover, it will be a record as no team has ever won all races in a season. McLaren in 1988 and Mercedes in 2016 came pretty close. But these teams narrowly missed the chances of staying unbeaten in those seasons. Can Red Bull make history this season with an unbeaten run?