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Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: Fox News

Aaron Judge is the star and face of the New York Yankees undeniably. His presence in the lineup and impact when healthy cannot be underscored. The former MVP has taken the responsibility of churning out offensive production on his shoulders. However, Judge is not getting younger, and that’s a harsh truth.

Aaron Judge will turn 31 this year. While his athleticism and fitness on the plate, as well as in the outfield, is undeniably strong, the unfortunate injury concerns have hampered his growth. Amid repetitive pattern, WFAN radio host C-Mac raised significant doubt on Judge’s durability, citing his fellow teammate Giancarlo Stanton’s example.


C-Mac Believes Aaron Judge’s Injury Woes Could Soon Be A Yearly Thing

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Aaron Judge has been everything the New York Yankees ever needed. From being a consistent hitter to being a leader in the clubhouse to being an absolute team player, Judge is a perfect face for the franchise. However, in recent times, the slugger’s towering physique has proved to be a curse as his body has become highly susceptible to injuries. Judge missed almost a major half of the season last year with a toe injury before falling prey to a new abdominal injury this spring. While the captain is available for opening day, the concerns surrounding his health refuse to die down. Amid growing buzz, a WFAN Radio host voiced an opinion or rather a fear of how Judge could turn into Giancarlo Stanton in the future.

C-Mac said on his radio show that Aaron Judge is always down with some or other injury concerns. While he has been unlucky at times, the incessant injury setbacks are a concerning pattern. Not only that, C-Mac fears Judge’s injury woes will become a regular occurrence in the future due to his fragile and stiff physique. “There is something about his frame, the level of intensity he plays the game with,” C-Mac said. Furthermore, C-Mac compared the captain to a fellow injury-prone Yankees teammate Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton’s career has been largely impacted by recurring injury concerns, which have not only reduced his merit but also derailed his career. Needless to say, Judge needs to break this repetitive pattern to ensure longevity and durability. He is the cornerstone of the Yankees setup for the next eight years and must stay vigilant.

Judge Available For Opening Day After Ditching Abs Injury

Aaron Judge, Yankees
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Meanwhile, Aaron Judge has successfully averted a massive injury scare this spring. He missed 10 days with abs injury and only returned to the lineup this Wednesday. Amid concerns of his unavailability for the opening day series against Houston Astros, the captain brushed off concerns after his spring comeback vs Pirates.

Aaron Judge said he felt good upon return and felt no pain in the abs whatsoever. Moreover, the Yankees captain confirmed being available for the opening day matchup vs Astros. It’s a massive boost for the New York Yankees, who aim to kickstart the season on a high. And Judge’s firepower will elevate their odds of a thumping win.

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