The New York Yankees are not unfamiliar with injury concerns. Last year, the club learned the hard way how incessant injury could lead to a complete collapse of the postseason campaign. The situation soon turned unsalvagable as the franchise finished outside playoffs after a long while.

Having said that, the New York Yankees are scheduled to tour Mexico for an exhibition series before opening day. However, ahead of the rare exhibition series, the skipper, Aaron Boone, is struggling per se due to injury woes in the camp. As it stands, the manager still hasn’t finalized a roster for those who will take a trip to Mexico next week.


Aaron Boone Sounds Off Injury Concerns Ahead Of Mexico Series!

Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees
Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

The New York Yankees’ injury woes have been a recurring theme throughout the offseason and spring training. After Gerrit Cole injured his pitching elbow, Aaron Judge is nursing an abs concern. Amidst this, the Bronx Bombers are scheduled to travel to Mexico City for a two-game exhibition series against Diablos Rojos. The series happens after a wait of several decades, and therefore, the excitement scales with each passing day. However, ahead of the series, Yanks skipper Aaron Boone pressed on a major concern. He confessed to not having a roster on paper for the exhibition series due to incessant injury woes. Boone added that star players keep dropping off due to respective reasons, which has severely impacted his decision-making.

Earlier, Aaron Boone confirmed that Yankees superstars Aaron Judge and Juan Soto won’t be traveling to Mexico for the exhibition series. While Judge is dealing with an abdominal injury, Soto wants to work on his swing. Additionally, DJ LeMahieu and Anthony Rizzo also picked up niggles this week, which ruled them out of contention. Hence, the only noteworthy players remaining at Boone’s helm are Giancarlo Stanton, Alex Verdugo, Jose Trevino, and Anthony Volpe. That being said, with several key players likely to be sidelined, Boone will need to rely on depth and versatility to field a competitive lineup. This may involve shuffling players around the diamond, calling up reinforcements from the minor leagues, or exploring external options to bolster the roster. Overall, with the Mexico series serving as a historic event, the Bombers are poised to make a statement on the international stage.

Anthony Rizzo Scratched Off Yankees Lineup Vs. Mets With Lat Tightness

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WFSB

In another massive setback ahead of opening day, the New York Yankees fear losing a veteran infielder to a potential injury concern. First baseman Anthony Rizzo was scratched off the Yank’s lineup versus the New York Mets at the last minute with a tight lat. However, neither Rizzo nor the Bronx Bombers seem concerned about the niggle.

Sharing the latest update, Aaron Boone said the last issue is something Anthony Rizzo deals with every now and then during the regular season. However, since it was a spring game, the club didn’t want to take any risks and rested Rizzo for the particular matchup. Even Rizzo brushed off any concerns and confirmed his availability for opening day.

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