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Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton, who holds the record for most pole and race wins, has been without a win for the last two seasons. Since Silver Arrows witnessed a downfall after 2021, Hamilton’s life on the track just got tougher. In 2023, the British driver hit rock bottom as W14 tested his patience.

Regardless, in 2024, Mercedes intends to do better with its drivers. Team principal Toto Wolff and technical director James Allison have offered promising updates so far. They believe that W15 will end as a winning contender. Meanwhile, in the latest interview, Allison weighed thoughts on Lewis Hamilton’s chances of breaking through the winless streak.


Winning Is The Core Part Of Lewis Hamilton, Says James Allison!

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Lewis Hamilton remained largely invincible prior to the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, once the regulation changes were enforced, Mercedes struggled as much as Hamilton. The team failed to run parallel with the change in dynamics and paid a heavy price. Moreover, the disastrous decision to adopt a zeropod concept doomed the franchise for the worst. However, despite the never-ending challenges, Lewis Hamilton proved his loyalty. He refused to dump his team in a state of misery. And thus, signed a two-year extension deal last year. Having said that, the onus now shifts to the Silver Arrows to do right by Hamilton. They must provide him with a car worthy of winning a championship.

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 F1 season, Mercedes technical officer James Allison shared an update on the team’s expectations. He opined that Lewis Hamilton did not lose have the ability to win. Apparently, he believes that winning is a core part of Hamilton, who is a highly successful driver of the sport. “There’s no doubt about his motivation to get back to winning ways,” said James Allison. However, Allison acknowledged that Lewis’ chances of winning races and championships in the future are largely dependent on the car they provide him with. For 2024, the car W15 has been reviewed as revamped and potent to compete in the championship. However, Red Bull also promised better results in 2024 with its RB20, which they believe is better than RB19. Thus, the road to glory will remain a steep task for Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes Address Key Lewis Hamilton Concerns Ahead Of 2024 Season

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Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Crash Source: New Straits Times

Meanwhile, Mercedes seems committed to providing the car Lewis Hamilton needs in the 2024 F1 season. As per leaked information, the W15 has been conceptually revamped. The zeropod concept is shelved, and traditional side pods are attached to the car. Moreover, the chassis and aerodynamics will defer to that from W13. Moreover, a key area bothering Lewis Hamilton has been duly addressed.

Apparently, the cockpit position has been pushed backward to Hamilton’s liking. In 2023, the British driver constantly complained about his seating position. Apparently, he does not feel comfortable being way too ahead of the car. That reduced gap alters his overall judgment. Thus, for 2024, that issue has been erased. Having said that, it would be interesting to see if the change in cockpit position turns Hamilton’s fortunes this year.

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