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Mercedes Trying To Copy Red Bull’s Concept For 2024? James Allison Clarifies

Mercedes and Red Bull have been at loggerheads with each other ever since the latter dethroned the former to reclaim the championship in 2021. While the drink-based outfit went to script history, the Silver Arrows plummeted to the lowest point over the course of two seasons. In 2023, the Brackley-based team went winless for the first time in over a decade.

Needless to say, the 2024 season demands a turnaround. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been onto the engineers to do the right thing. But what is the right direction? Some believe Mercedes is taking cues from Red Bull’s success and potentially copying the RB-series concept. However, James Allison, the newly appointed chief technical officer, issued a clarification and put rumors to rest.


“Concept Is Actually Nothing To Do With The Car,” Says James Allison!

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In the ever-evolving world of Formula 1, recent reports have suggested that Mercedes may be considering adopting a concept similar to Red Bull Racing’s for the 2024 season. To shed light on the situation, Mercedes’ Technical Director, James Allison, has stepped forward to provide clarification. Allison said that designing a car is a method to put an engineer’s imagination into reality. It has nothing to do with the concept or the car whatsoever. “These things are such philosophical conversations but to the mind of a designer or a performance person in Formula 1,” said James Allison. The technical officer further added that designing a car is a complex process of understanding what looks good and what works against it.

For Mercedes, the 2023 season downfall served them with clarity. The flawed wind tunnel weighting system has been revised along with other technical components. “It’s your methodology for sorting out all the many, many things you might put on the car and finding only the ones that you really think are going to add lap time. The car itself is just the output of that method,” added Allison. Having said that, the rumors surrounding Mercedes’ potential adoption of Red Bull’s concept likely stem from the competitive nature of Formula 1. Red Bull’s recent success has drawn attention from competitors seeking ways to close the performance gap. However, the Silver Arrows are committed to using their own learning to produce a turnaround in 2024.

Fans Issue Damning Verdict On Mercedes’ Ability To Chase Red Bull In 2024!


Meanwhile, Formula One fans threw shade on Mercedes’ bid to chase down the invincible Red Bulls in the 2024 season. RN365 conducted a survey where it asked fans to weigh down their views. Over 33% of fans think the gap between the rivals is too wide to be covered in a single winter. However, 30% of fans also believe that Silver Arrows won’t finish a winless season.

Having said that, 24% of the fans, perhaps Mercedes fans, are optimistic. They firmly believe the W15 will be a title contender machinery. It would be interesting to see how the Brackley-based outfit overcomes the unprecedented challenge. While the team and a small fraction of fans are optimistic, competition from Red Bull is just way too steep.