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CHECKOUT: How Did A 20-Year-Old New York Yankees Prospect Became A “Martian”?

Jasson Dominguez signed with New York Yankees a franchise-record $5.1 million in bonuses in July 2019. At the time, he seemed just another kid on the block. But Dominguez was a rare talent and quickly burst into the scene. In Double-A this year, he hit 15 homers and stole 37 bases with a .781 OPS to earn a Triple-A promotion.

In his short stint in Scranton, Jasson Dominguez hit a 1.094 OPS. While a major league seemed a far-fetched reality, the Yankees’ shift in approach worked as a blessing in disguise for the Martian. As the Yanks shifted their approach to 2024, Dominguez earned a call-up. But if you have ever wondered how this 20-year-old kid became a Martian, we’ve got you covered.


Jasson Dominguez Became A “Martian” During His Early Days In Dominican Republic 

Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Dominguez runs the bases after hitting a two-run home run in the first inning of the Yankees’ 6-2 win over the Astros. AP

No.2 New York Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez’s baseball journey began in his childhood days back in the Dominican Republic. He was just a teenager when he began crushing balls long into the ground. Jasson quickly caught the eye of renowned major league scouts who saw a lot of potential in the kid. Jasson was a bulked-up switch hitter with lighting-fast speed in center field. His sharpened skill set without any training made it seem that he was not from this world at all. It was at this point that someone started referring to Dominguez as El Marciano, which translates to “The Martian.”

The nickname stuck because there was no way he was from this world,” said Jeff Passan of ESPN. Since then, Jasson Dominguez has not looked back and went on to make a name for himself in the world of baseball. He was an instant hit in minor leagues, and a promotion was just written on the wall. Moreover, the Yankees’ sudden downfall and shift in approach fast-tracked the prospect’s major league debut. He lived up to the hype by hitting two homers in his first three career games and entered an elite list of Yankee players to do so, which also includes captain Aaron Judge. The entire organization and Yankee fanbase are delighted to see Dominguez in the big leagues. He kicked off his debut in style and will now face a challenge to ace his home debut.

Jasson Dominguez’s Dream Debut Leaves Yankees Captain In Complete Awe!

A home run from Aaron Judge and contributions from a bunch of rookies, Jasson Dominguez included, keyed the Yankees’ 5-4 win in Houston on Saturday night.AP

The 20-year-old prospect of the New York Yankees farm system, Jasson Dominguez, wreaked havoc on his major league debut. He crushed a home run in his first MLB at-bat against a future Hall of Famer pitcher, Justin Verlander. His hit left the Yankee clubhouse in complete awe, especially the captain, Aaron Judge. “We were jumping up and down like little kids. We were excited for him,” said Judge.

Aaron Judge was impressed with the way Jasson Dominguez tackled a challenging situation. To stand on the plate in front of an away crowd, facing a future Hall of Famer, and still go up there to take a swing on MLB debut was simply amazing in the eyes of the captain. Judge also lauded Dominguez’s calm composure. He said that for a rookie, let alone a 20-year-old, to have such a level of calmness is impressive.