The fans are speculating whether their favorite team Los Angeles Lakers, is back in the business for real this time. Anyone following LA this season would be aware of their shaky start to the season. Even with winning a few games here and there, the Lakers have managed to ruin their season with unreal losses. After taking the lead in the first half of the game, Hollywood slipped the win in the last quarter of the game. Apart from giving away easy wins, the 2020 champs were also one of the worst shooting teams this year.

They debuted some of their new arrivals in the game against the Golden State Warriors, which resulted in a solid win. However, it was not the same outing against the Portland Blazers, where they heavily missed LeBron James. But with his return to the new look, Purple and Gold LA made a tremendous impact against the Orleans Pelicans for a 120-102 win. Anthony Davis performed well, scoring 28 points with ten rebounds. While James also came back with a decent performance, as he scored 21 points. It will definitely be a much better second half for the Lakers than their first half in the league.


Will The Lakers Surprise Everyone Turning Their Fate Around

Lakers Vs. Pelicans
Lakers Vs. Pelicans

The 2020 champs are indeed going to be one of the teams to watch for the remaining games in the season. Their interest in the trade market made them the most involved team in the market. And even without all the changes, the Lakers and their fans are the most exciting ones in the league. However, if they managed to turn their boat around and survive till the postseason, their fans would go nuts. Ever since the season, it has just been a disappointment for the fans to see their team struggle.

Fans Overjoyed To Witness Lakers Back In The Game

Moreover, given the big push that is looking up at the Lakers to get into the top 10 of the Western Conference for the first time this season, fans were happy to see them pull out this much-needed win in dominant fashion.

Julius Randle Is A Little Too Excited To Play With LeBron James

The 28-year-old power forward is selected to play for his second All-star game, which will take place in Utah. Although he is just selected as a reserve, he is very excited to face the best in the league. However, he has already determined some of his favorites play with ahead of the All-star weekend. His eyes are set on playing with the Lakers superstar so that he can play with him once before his retirement. “I’ve never played with LeBron, so it’d be fun to do before he gets his old ass outta here,” said Randle.

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In 2018-19 the chance for Julius flashed, but instead of resigning him, the Lakers moved him to another team. The same year, LeBron James first arrived in Los Angeles to win a title with them to further enrich their history. Meanwhile, Randle is gliding through the season with some good numbers averaging 24.7 points with 10.8 rebounds.