LeBron James- Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers won their game against the New Orleans Pelicans last night with a 120-102 scoreline. This win will definitely bring them closer to being the title contenders, but there is a long way out. However, there are some uprising issues in the team, which could lead to some collisions in the dressing room. The problem with the Lakers is that their most prominent players are not fully healthy enough to make the best impact. And Anthony Davis particularly does not seem happy in the team after his return from injury. Meanwhile, LeBron James is fed up with the amount of time he has had to play while Davis is on the sidelines.

There was an incident in the game against the Oklahoma Thunder where history was created, which led fire to the rumors. And rumors suggest that AD is not having fun with his current team in Purple and Gold. There is a video where LeBron is breaking the all-time scoring record, and everyone except Davis is on their toes to witness it. His lack of excitement created a buzz in the media suggesting that Anthony and LeBron are not on good terms. And the 29-year-old also deleted his Instagram account recently without giving any valid reason for his actions.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James And Anthony Davis Are Unhappy With Each Other

The incident in the Oklahoma game suggests some unhappiness on Anthony Davis’ side. It was a historical moment that would not happen for many years to come, and Davis did not even see it. Later the power forward explained that he was just sad because of the fact that they were losing against the Thunders. But a loss should not have mattered where the Lakers have already lost many in the season. And after winning against the second unit of the Golden State Warriors, they lost again to the Portland Blazers.

On Tuesday, Anthony Davis sat with a sad face on the bench after displaying a bad offensive performance. Even LeBron James is agitated about the power forward because of his unavailability in most games. When AD misses games because of his injury, all the burden comes over LeBron to push more than he should. And even the head coach Darvin Ham is not putting any extra pressure on Anthony. The extra minutes that James is pulling could be harsh on his recently turned 38-year-old body. And he is already been suffering from a severe foot injury since the season began, and it has caused problems.

LeBron James Anthony Davis
LeBron James

Meanwhile, the Lakers have big plans for this summer to pair LeBron James and AD with Kyrie Irving. In the trade market, they lost the opportunity to do so, but summer will bring another chance to solidify their team. But until then, Davis needs to pull up his socks and get his best game on the table. All in all, LA has started to roll with their new players, and they are only a few wins away from the playoff spot in the league.