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Why Anthony Davis Deactivated His Instagram Account After the Trail Blazers’ loss? Is This A Protest Against Lakers’ Front Office?

The Los Angeles Lakers are still losing even after making the headline on the last day of the trade deadline. Monday’s game ended with disappointment as the team lost 127-115 against the Trail Blazers. After increasing the size of their squad, the whole team is expected to do better in the league. However, after the win against the Warriors, the Lakers are back to their old ways of losing. The Lakers’ star player LeBron James was unavailable because of his foot injury. And Anthony Davis is also struggling with his stress foot injury recovery.

Since the season began, Los Angeles has been a wreck as they have not been able to hold the momentum. It started with consecutive losses, and now it is more of losses and few wins on the side. And with that going for the entire season, the Lakers sit at the bottom, holding the 13th position in the Western Conference. If it continues after making the necessary changes, then LA might be in a massive dump before the playoffs. However, with the return of LeBron James, everything is expected to fall into place. But fans are highly critical of Anthony Davis, who is in charge of the team in the absence of LeBron.

Anthony Davis & LeBron James
Anthony Davis & LeBron James

Fans Hating On Anthony Davis

Lakers has one of the most passionate fan bases among different sports franchises in the world. But it can also be brutal when their team does not produce the same result as they want. And the current timing is something similar where the Lakers are struggling to find their groove in the league. With that said, the fans are now encircling Anthony Davis as he is not able to handle the team in James’ absence. And this hate has got him to delete his Instagram account, which has made news all around the internet.

Undoubtedly, Anthony is one of the most crucial puzzles of the team, and his return was one of the best things last month. But he has not had the same impact after his return from the injury and is unable to dominate both ends of the court. This raised various questions after his poor performance, where he made 20 rebounds but only 19 points on the night. Many spectators also observed that Davis was unhappily sitting beside LeBron as his team lost. It is not the first time that the eight-time All-star has been spotted unhappy and dull beside the court.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

On Monday, Anthony Davis explained that he was unhappy because his team was losing. And at this moment, every win is crucial as their playoff qualification is on the line with limited games in hand. The 2020 champ was also dull when LeBron was about to break the all-time scoring record. At that time, he said he was unhappy that they were losing against Oklahoma, which they should have won.