Charles Leclerc Takes Pleasure In The Revival Of Age-Old Rivalry Against Max Verstappen!

Charles Leclerc

Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc & Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen are the frontrunners in the early stages of the championship battle this season. Currently, Charles is ahead of Verstappen with a 46-point lead in the Drivers\’ rankings. However, the current season is not the first instance the two rivals have gone up against one another. Leclerc and Verstappen have been age-old enemies since they started their racing careers with Go-karting. The duo has worked hard to make it to Formula One. Max and Charles are the future of F1, and they have shown it at the highest level during the first three races of 2022.

Charles won two GPs so far in Bahrain and Australia. He finished second in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Verstappen won the race in Saudi Arabia and was forced to retire in the other two races. Both the Monegasque and Dutch racers are 24-years-old and have a long career ahead of them. Moreover, top-tier F1 champs like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are nearing the brink of their careers. The two young racers have clearly shown the determination and the skills to be their future replacements as the best racers across the F1 circuit. Charles Leclerc is leading the fierce competition against Verstappen and recently shared his perspective on the rivalry.

Leclerc & Verstappen

Charles Leclerc Excited About Reviving His Rivalry With Verstappen

Leclerc revealed that the two racers used to hate each other during their Go-Karting days. The Drivers\’ standing leader shared that the competition between him and Verstappen has always been close, and he feels it will be really close again during the F1 season. Charles reminisced his Karting days and told that either he or Max won the races. The duo began hating each other at one time, and it did not end in the best possible way. Further, Charles pointed out that both of them have very different styles of racing. The 24-year-old revealed, \”In some days one will win, in some the other will. But I like it.\”

Leclerc & Verstappen

Meanwhile, Verstappen also shared his opinion on t he rivalry with the Ferrari driver.

The Dutchman feels that he and Charles race very well together because they know where to place their cars. The reigning world champ told that both of them know how much room they need to leave for each other, and it works well for both of them. Max mentioned, \”Charles is aggressive too, and you can clearly see that. We have nice battles but we don\’t touch.\”

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