Celtics\’ Jaylen Brown REVEALED Why They Lost To Warriors Again! Callback To The 2021 NBA Final!


Boston Celtics have been a force to be reckoned with for the majority of the 2022 NBA season. Thanks to the streak of amazing performances by the duo of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. However, on Sunday night, Steph Curry proved why he is the best in the business as the Warriors defeated the Celtics. 

The Warriors Defeat Boston Celtics!

Following their NBA Finals defeat to the Golden State Warriors the previous year, the Boston Celtics have dominated the NBA this year. Many anticipated that they would play the Warriors with a massive chip on their shoulders for a certain victory. But this wasn\’t the case. The finalist of the last season, the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors clashed against each other on Sunday in a callback to last year\’s final. And just like the finale, the Warriors again came out on top as the winners. 


Steph Curry scored 32 points, and Klay Thompson added 34 while making six three-pointers. In a repeat of the NBA finals from the previous season, which the Warriors won in six games, Golden State defeated Boston 123-107 on Saturday night. On the other side, Jayson Tatum scored 18 points, and Jaylen Brown had 31 points, along with nine rebounds. Boston, who had won eight out of nine games and three consecutive, received 16 points off the bench from Malcolm Brogdon as they took on Golden State\’s stout defense. Tatum\’s shooting performance was dreadful, as he struggled to establish any offensive rhythm.

Both the Warriors and the Celtics were not at full capacity. Robert Williams III and Al Horford were absent from Boston. They used small-ball tactics in the second half for that reason. Andrew Wiggins, who played a significant role in Golden State\’s trip to the Finals last year, was missed.

Jaylen Brown Reveals The Reason For Loss Against Warriors

Meanwhile, after the game, Celtic star Jayson Tatum talked about the defeat. Tatum was questioned about the significance of an NBA Finals rematch. Brown minimized how important the loss was. He said that the media placed a greater value on the game than he and his squad did. Brown said that it was simply another game. It won\’t control how the Celtics do this year. Tatum is right that one game does not define a whole season, but his postgame remarks differed slightly from those of Jaylen Brown, who acknowledged that the Celtics played with some tension.


Jaylen Brown also thinks that Boston may have become tight because of the Celtics\’ desire to defeat the Warriors, which may have been too strong. Jayston Tatum somewhat minimized the loss, so it\’s strange to see Brown take this stance. Brown confessed that playing the Warriors was a contest that he and the Celtics had planned ahead of time.

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