It looks like there are some uncertainties surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers point guard situation. Recently, the team acquired Patrick Beverley and put him alongside Russell Westbrook. However, Westbrook is not the only surviving player from the prior campaign. And coming into the following campaign, his position on the team is in doubt. Meanwhile, there have been whispers about Carmelo Anthony possibly leaving the Lakers recently. Even though 2022-23 is coming closer, Anthony is still unsigned. 

Is Carmelo Anthony Leaving LA Lakers?

In their dreadful 2021–22 season, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to bolster their bench with an assortment of seasoned veterans. The year was a complete letdown, but Carmelo Anthony surprised everyone by routinely playing well in supporting roles despite the mayhem. Anthony can still score viciously from mid-range despite his older age, making up for his even worse defense. However, his chances of winning his first championship ring may not be as good with the Lakers. But, he could have a fighting chance thanks to his old buddies who live a few thousand feet above sea level.

Anthony, who is best recognized for his offensive skills, might not rejoin the Lakers, according to Lakers insider Jovan Buha for The Athletic. He scored 13.3 points, grabbed 4.2 rebounds, and had one assist per game last year while shooting 44.1% from the field. Evidently, during a miserable season, Carmelo was the Lakers’ lone bright light.

Carmelo has hit 39% of his long-range triples on an average of just over five tries per game. He can still obtain NBA contracts because of that. Carmelo Anthony has certainly been an important asset for the teams he has been a part of over the years. However, he is well beyond his peak and in the second half of his playing career.

Anthony May Head To New York Knicks!

Carmelo Anthony

As the rumors of Carmelo Anthony potentially leaving the Lakers started, many people are wondering where the veteran player might head in the future. Meanwhile, there have been reports that Carmelo Anthony is interested in returning to his hometown New York. 

NBA insider Jake Fischer has said, “Carmelo Anthony has interest in returning to the New York Knicks. I have certainly heard that Carmelo’s got interest in a reunion,’ NBA insider Jake Fischer said. ‘I don’t know if the Knicks have much interest there.”

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Carmelo Anthony as a free agent, he realized a lifelong ambition by joining LeBron James on the same NBA squad. Anthony has long been a favorite of Lakers supporters. But it appears that they will have to come to terms with the fact that he won’t be wearing the Purple and Gold this year.

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