LeBron James is already turning up the heat in the league’s opening game of the upcoming 2022–23 season. On October 18, he and the Lakers will face Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the season’s first game. The Warriors have now claimed four of the previous eight NBA titles. However, if LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers hadn’t played that year, it definitely could have been five. They dramatically ended the Bay Area team’s season. And it was one of those victories that people still discuss.

The Cavs Legendary Come Back!

Recently, LeBron James recalled his legendary performance in the 2016 NBA finals via an Instagram post. The Golden State Warriors had a strong season in 2016 and were unquestionably the NBA’s team to beat. They were the first team in league history to reach 73 victories in a season, as they broke the Bulls’ record of 72 victories. The record stood since 1996, and the team was vying for their third consecutive championship. Apparently, the Warriors had a 3-1 series lead with two chances to play at home after winning the first four games of the Finals, ending the series.

Cleveland was attempting to make history by overturning a 3-1 deficit. Thus, LeBron James led the Cavaliers to victories in games six and seven. LeBron made an outstanding defensive play in the final seconds of game 7. With fewer than two minutes remaining and the score knotted, he went after Andre Iguodala as he was ready to make an easy basket during a fast break and blocked his attempt. The success of James’ block in helping his side to win the Larry O’Brien trophy was ultimately crucial. Cleveland ultimately won the game thanks to a three-pointer by Kyrie Irving, who prevented the Warriors from scoring again in the contest.

LeBron James Congratulates Stephen Curry For Graduating!

For Steph Curry, the 2021–22 season was a really unique time that very few people on earth have ever known. He broke the record for three points made in history and won the NBA championship. On August 31, Stephen Curry received his degree from Davidson College. The Davidson Hall of Fame also welcomed him into its ranks. In addition, he was the first individual at Davidson College to have his number retired.

Curry was admitted into his alma mater’s Hall of Fame and got his diploma during a special graduation ceremony. Therefore, LeBron James congratulated Curry on Instagram. James, a four-time MVP, recognizes the value of education because, after high school, he directly entered the NBA without attending college. The Warriors’ star may add a few more awards to his resume after winning his fourth title and being named Finals MVP, hosting the ESPYs, and competing in the American Century Championship.

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