Harrison Bader
Harrison Bader-Yankees

Harrison Bader is a center fielder who started out his MLB journey with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2017. Bader was an instant hit within the Cardinal bullpen as he clinched a golden glove in 2021 playing for his former club. He finished 2021 with 16 home runs, 50 RBIs, and 21 doubles. Moreover, Bader’s sprint speed that season was around 29.5 feet/second, ranking him 6th in the fastest list.

However, during the 2022 mid-season, the Cardinals decided to trade Harrison Bader to the New York Yankees in exchange for Jordan Montgomery. The move baffled the fans of both clubs. However, it later turned out to be the best decision for the Yanks. Harrison hit five home runs for the Yankees in 2022, including one in the ALCS. Meanwhile, the 28-year-old’s contract will end in the 2023 off-season, and rumors have it that the center fielder is in talks with the Yanks for a possible extension.


Does Harrison Bader Fit In The Yanks Future Plans?

Harrison Bader
Harrison Bader

The New York Yankees enjoyed the services of Harrison Bader till it lasted as he remained injured during the major part of the 2022 season. Nonetheless, he created an impact and made his presence felt. While acquiring Bader, Brian Cashman stated that they felt sad to let Montgomery go, but they needed Bader’s defensive services in the center field.

However, this season, the Yankees front office made it clear that they will go offensive all along, right from the start. Hence, it remains unclear if a defense specialist like Bader will fit into the Bomber’s strategic plans. However, Bader’s performance in his limited appearances in the postseason is something that cannot be overlooked. He could be a good prospect for the future, considering he’s just 28. Hence, a one-two-year extension will certainly not hurt the Bombers much.

Harrison’s Injury Remains A Concern For The Yankees

Harrison Bader Yankees

Keeping his performances aside, Harrison’s injury concerns remain the main issue in the long run. Harrison Bader arrived in the Yankees with plantar fasciitis and took time to recover. Moreover, he appeared in only 86 games in 2022. Also, he previously suffered from a rib injury during his time with the Cardinals. Hence, Bader’s frequent injury concerns could remain a headache for the Bombers in the long run. And Yanks, for once, would not appreciate any potential injury issues.

Overall, the talks between Harrison Bader and New York Yankees are on. It looks like nothing will be officially decided for now, as Bader still has one year left before his contract expires. Meanwhile, the Yankees bullpen is stacked nicely for the 2023 season, which will commence in March after the mid-February spring training. Moreover, the Yanks have already received their first blow after Frankie Montas went down with a shoulder injury.

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