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Toto Wolff (Principal Mercedes) Lewis Hamilton (Driver Mercedes)

Now that Mercedes is certainly becoming a fourth team in 2023 after the rise of the Aston Martin, there is no way Toto Wolff can sit quietly. “Mercedes is not where they want to be,” the team has said a hundred times. But what are they doing to get where they want to be exactly? Apparently, the team is looking over each part of the W14 car, changing the fundamental concepts, bringing upgrades, and also carrying the personnel changes.

Changing the parts of the car, of course, remains useful for any F1 team. But if the one who changes it is not changed, then what’s the point of changing it? After all, the mind can’t be changed overnight. Not getting it? It is Okay; let’s see what Ralf Schumacher says to clarify it. Speaking point to point, at present, Mercedes needs to make personnel changes that may involve replacing Mike Elliott with someone who can bring some new ideas that may lead Mercedes back to the front.

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Mercedes-AMG-Petronas boss Toto Wolff with team members

Mercedes Need To Change The Workers, Maybe

The Ex F1 driver, and the brother of Michael Schumacher, have given hints that some of the staff working in the Mercedes factory might have to lose their jobs. Not only because of the disappointing result they are bringing but also because of the low-cost cap budget. This is not allowing the team to bring upgrades and pay the salary at the same time.

The sensational winter break ended on a good note for Mercedes. All the targets they wanted to achieve were claimed. But when the car was brought on the tracks, Mercedes went through a reality check. Toto Wolff, for the first time, was seen as hopeless. He was afraid to say a word of optimism. Bahrain grand Prix with a P5 and 7 and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix made Lewis Hamilton struggle even more. George Russell, on the other hand, acknowledged the car to have some improvements, as he finished fourth a position ahead of Hamilton.

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Mercedes CEO, Toto Wolff, and Lewis Hamilton Credit: XPB Images

Instead Of Blaming The Engineers, Toto Wolff Could Fire Them

George Russell started the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix from P3, which was good but not good enough to give them a podium. Now, to be good enough to get on the podium, Wolff has assured a “completely different car.” But when? For the exact time, boss Toto Wolff mentioned, “In the fifth, sixth, or seventh race of the season.”

This is a very long time, by the way. If Red Bull remains dominating till the seventh Grand Prix, when Mercedes will finally bring the same pace, there will still be a gap of 7 races. By no means is the Silver Arrows paving the way to the championship this year. Why such conditions arrived in the first place? Who takes the blame? According to Wolff, the team’s engineers take responsibility for the poor start of the season.

Mercedes F1 Team

But the fact that Toto Wolff is the boss of Mercedes, everything comes on his shoulder rather than the engineers, getting criticized by former F1 team owners. Eddie Jordan claims “it’s crass” that Wolff blames his engineers for Mercedes’s downfall. If you are the boss and you know that the engineers or the staff are not working or meeting expectations, change it, man! Now, let’s see if Toto Wolff proceeds with the monumental changes of Mercedes or not.