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Blake Snell Or Juan Soto? Yankees Deep Conundrum Ahead Of Opening Day

The New York Yankees are building a future around captain Aaron Judge, who’s got eight years left on his record extension deal. The team is determined to achieve lost glory under Judge’s leadership. However, the formation of Evil Empire has just gotten tougher for Hal Steinbrenner after the luxury tax cap.

The threshold situation is leading to heavy tax penalties, which is not really feasible for Steinbrenner to bear every single year. Amid this, the club has gotten itself into a big conundrum with respect to addressing this year’s needs and future security. Keeping financial constraints in mind, what will Hal choose in the best interest of his franchise?


Will Blake Snell’s Acquisition Cost Yankees Juan Soto?

Yanks Go Yard

Blake Snell continues to remain a top free agency choice for the New York Yankees even as they edge closer to opening day. Snell’s asking for a $270 million contract, which Hal Steinbrenner refused to pay. However, the negotiations are on as both parties contemplate to find a middle ground. Meanwhile, Yankee podcasters Jomboy and Jake discussed the implications of Snell’s deal on the club’s ambitious plans for the future. Jake pulls up a scenario where Scott Boras would lower ask for Snell out of desperation and demand a Carlos Rodon-esque deal, i.e., a six-year $162 million contract. Jomboy counters, saying this deal would necessarily cost Yanks a chance to extend Juan Soto’s next free agency. Those unversed, Soto was traded on a one-year rental to the Bombers this off-season.

He will most likely be entering free agency next year, wherein he is slated to fetch a $500 million record contract. Thus, Jomboy argues that if the Yankees chose to sign Blake Snell this year, they would be left with nothing significant to offer to Soto next off-season. And that is a huge repercussion, given Soto’s stature in the league. On the flip side, Jake feels Snell’s deal wouldn’t be a problem as the team can lay off Anthony Rizzo and Gleyber Torres, who will also be free agents next year. But overall, both podcasters agreed that offering a Rodon-esque deal to Snell would make sense, given Brian Cashman earns some leverage. It would strengthen the team’s rotation, and having two CY Young pitchers at their helm is just a dream for many franchises in MLB. Overall, the Bronx Bombers are facing a deep conundrum and must make the right choice to shape the franchise’s long-term future.

MLB Insider Pours Water On Yanks’ Chances Of Landing Blake Snell

The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

Jon Heyman of the New York Post appeared for the ‘Around the Bases’ podcast and shed light on Blake Snell’s free agency situation. He believes the New York Yankees’ landing the coveted pitcher is a long shot. “They certainly would love to have him. They love Blake Snell,” added Heyman.

However, the issue posing a roadblock is that if the Yankees are willing to pay him that much, Blake Snell needs to stay for the long term.” They really don’t want him leaving after a year or even two years,” he added. It would be interesting to see how Scott Boras shaped his client’s future as the free agency deadline inches closer.

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