Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, Austin Reaves

Priyanshu Raidas


Austin Reaves Wants LeBron James To Shoot As Many 3s As He Wants Amid His Three-Pointer Slump

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another thrashing defeat at the hands of the Denver Nuggets. The score at the end of the game displays another proof of the tight game between the two top teams of the West. However, if one looks at the statistics, he might have reason to believe that the Lakers played poorly on the night. They have been a beastly figure in the league defensively, but their offense continues to struggle. And this weakness continues to be the reason for another setback in a 108-103 defeat in game 2.

It has been a long season for the Lakers superstar LeBron James, who is playing at 38. Nothing to take away from the game that he displayed in the last two games of the final series. But an edge is missing, causing problems for him to shoot from the long range. Throughout the playoffs this year, he has been unable to put many balls in the basket from beyond the arc. It was not only him who conjured a poor shooting performance, but the whole team contributed. Apart from Austin Reaves, everyone failed to display a three-pointer show for the fans.


Austin Reaves Backs LeBron James

The Lakers have struggled a lot because of their shooting throughout the season. Even at the beginning of the season, they could not create any problems from the distance. Their three-point shooting was the major reason for their struggles to start the season at a good point. They rely heavily on the two-pointers because their two superstars master running through the defense. LeBron James and Anthony Davis love to pierce through the defense instead of taking a shot from far.

But even after a horrific performance from LeBron James, Austin Reaves came to defend him in public. According to Dave McMenamin’s tweet, Reaves has no problem with LeBron shooting wrong. Youngster wants LeBron to play as he wishes to in the game. He also made the point that “He’s a winning player.” But to understand the gravity of the problem, LeBron was 1-20 in the last quarter of the game. Looking at the numbers, it does sound like a massive problem for them.

The Lakers Lost It In The Last Quarter

Lakers. Source - Los Angeles Times

LA had a good game all night before the last quarter began. They looked in a perfect position to tie the series to start fresh in game 3. But Jamal Murray of Denver had other ideas as he came to life later in the game. He came in as a nightmare and took the much-needed lead away from the Lakers. When Murray stepped on the gas, the Lakers duo began to lose their footing on the court.

LeBron and AD were good, but the game slipped in the ending moments when the team needed them the most. LeBron’s lack of shooting cost them the win that could have brought them back into the series. He also messed up his clutch performance which he has made a name for in the NBA. However, they will have another chance to redeem themselves on Saturday. The Lakers would want to come well-prepared and rested to beat the best in the West.