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Lakers champions?

The NBA fans have flipped out after seeing a viral script suggesting that the league is scripted. Many sporting events are often accused of being scripted because of unobvious results or unexpected events. Many times the interest of the individuals and the industries are also involved, which stirs the flow of competition. But applying these unethical ways to mold any sport, even according to their wish, is illegal. And the fans do not appreciate such behaviors, especially in the basketball NBA.

The Fake NBA Script Strolling On The Internet, Making Fans Franzied

The fact that NBA itself is trying to control the outcome could be another reason for the fans to be disappointed by the association. A script going viral on the internet suggests that LeBron James will win his fifth ring in his 20-season career has sent a shockwave among the fans. People are not able to comprehend the fact that the sport that they love so much could be altered and scripted. The uncertainty and its unlikeliness of prediction are what makes it exciting and heart-pounding. And if people will find a way to ruin it, the fans will not like it.


The script tends to predict some course of action and then asks to look for another manual printed by NBA. The major prediction that will captivate the fans has been published in the paper. One such detail mentioned above also that LeBron James will eventually win his fifth championship. Apart from this, he will also manage to score 53 points on the night of the final. Moreover, details about the ongoing Western finals suggest the Lakers will be through in the series’ sixth game. It also predicts how many points Jokic is going to score in game 3, which will be held on Saturday.

Not only that, it has already been revealed that after thrashing the Nuggets, the Lakers will take on the fight against the Boston Celtics. In Game 7 of the final series, James will score 53 grand points. Not only that, he will also become the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP of the year. This leaked paper has become a ray of hope for the Lakers fans. However, the other audience are questioning the credibility of the document.

Is It A Prank Or Legit Paper?

Lakers 3

At various points in time, there have been many instances where leaked scripts of such kinds have surfaced on the internet. However, proof never emerged that the organization could do such things at this level. If you look at the size of the NBA and how many players are involved in the organization, it is almost impossible to keep such things a secret. Moreover, these players are athletes and not actors who will be able to keep following the scripts for so long.

Apart from the obvious fact that there is no likeliness of it being real, all the dates on it are incorrect. Therefore it can be a prank from anyone on the internet since it is elementary to get anything viral these days. But the fans are now divided into two parties. One party believes that it could be true, and the other believes that NBA is no WWE. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, as mentioned in the script, the world can only wait to see if Jokic scores 40 points and a triple-double in game three.