After losing two games in the LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the LA Lakers finally secured their eleventh win of the season over the Detroit Pistons. Other than the usual suspects for the Lakers, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis, the young gun Austin Reaves took a crucial three-pointer in the make-or-break situation. As a result, Austin has gained praise for his amazing game while keeping up with the leaders of the team. Not only that, but Reaves also appreciated LeBron for his existence on the team.

Austin Reaves\’ Important 3-Pointer Saves The Lakers!

The Lakers appeared ready to take control of the game on Sunday at several points before Detroit came back. The Pistons finally reduced the margin of victory to two points in the closing 30 seconds of the third quarter, thanks in large part to Bojan Bogdanovic\’s heroics. But in the end, it was the Lakers who emerged victorious.


Despite the fact that Anthony Davis & LeBron James each tallied 30 points on Sunday, neither made the game-winning shot. That is because Austin Reaves, a promising young Lakers player, was present there to steal the show. Reaves made a game-winning 3-pointer with James\’ help. Despite a late Pistons rally, King James scored on a game-winning 3-pointer with Austin Reaves in the final seconds of the contest. This gave the Lakers a five-point advantage with 12 seconds left.

However, when it counted, a charging LeBron James ran towards Reaves in the corner, providing the Lakers a two-possession lead and sealing the victory. The Pistons mounted a late rally, and in the final seconds, James connected with Austin Reaves for the game-winning 3-pointer. This increased the Lakers\’ lead to five points with 12 seconds remaining.

LeBron James Has Kind Words For Austin Reaves!


LeBron and Reaves have developed a synergy that has been noticeable and has led to greater playing time for the two of them. Lonnie Walker and Anthony Davis are the only Lakers\’ teammates who have played with LeBron more often than Reaves.

Even though Reaves is only in his second season, LeBron expressed faith in him after the game. James said when questioned about Austin Reaves that he respects the young star. And the efforts he makes on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Austin is incredibly knowledgeable about the game, according to James\’s later comment, and he seldom makes mistakes. When Reaves is on the court, he always has confidence in himself to make the play.

On the other side, King James was also lauded by Reaves for choosing to throw the ball to him rather than trying the shot himself. Austin noted that while playing alongside Lebron at the Lakers, he will make the correct basketball move. And that is what you want your leader to accomplish.

Upon seeing himself open for a corner three, Austin Reaves was questioned by a reporter about his thoughts at the time. As he drove into the paint while waiting for the defense to break down, LeBron James grabbed the attention of the Pistons. 

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