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Are Yankees Deliberately Asking Its Players To Play Through Injuries For Playoffs Sake? MLB Writers Stirs Fresh Debate

It’s well established by now that injuries have massively marred the New York Yankees’ 2023 MLB season. Right from the beginning of the season, the club has been dealing with injuries to prominent and regular players, which derailed their successful run. For instance, the Yanks missed the service of its captain Aaron Judge for months which landed them at the bottom of the AL-East.

Having said that, the race to the playoff is still going on, and the Yankees remain active participants. However, a lot of Yankee players have looked uncomfortable in their movement off lately. This has given rise to a debate that suggests that the club might be risking injured players for the sake of a postseason berth. A couple of MLB renowned MLB writers joined the debate and raised reasonable doubts over the club’s actual approach.


MLB Writers Question Yankees Dubious Postseason Approach

After basically jogging from second to home, the Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton was tagged out at the plate by Astros catcher Martin Maldonado during the third inning of Saturday’s game. AP

For the past few weeks, Yankees players have been struggling. Moreover, their demeanor suggests that a few players might be playing through underlying injuries. For instance, Captain Aaron Judge’s situation is not hidden from the world. He got activated from IL after two months and was confirmed to be returning half-healthy. Apart from him, Anthony Rizzo recently landed in IL due to a concussion incurred two months ago on May 28. Most recently, Giancarlo Stanton was seen restricting himself on the basepaths to protect his hamstring. Hence, the question remains are the Yankees deliberately asking its players to play through injuries for the sake of a playoff berth?

MLB writers Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer joined the debate and called out Yankee’s dubious approach. Hannah made a great point saying that if the Yanks are actually serious about making it to the playoffs, they should have made more moves at the trade deadline. Having said that, if the club has even the slightest doubt about their chances, it makes no chance in risking players like Aaron Judge. Hannah and Zach agreed that the club would not benefit from half-measures moves. Pick a lane. Either commit wholeheartedly or give up hope and focus on the next season. Hannah also added that with the kind of half-measures Yanks are adopting, they have a lot of explaining to do. At this point, the Yankee clubhouse looks like a big mess.

Carlos Rodon Continues To Throw Despite Hamstring Strain

Carlos Rondo
Carlos Rondo left the Yankees’ loss to the Astros early with an injury on Sunday. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Yankees starter Carlos Rodon exited Sunday’s game vs. Astros with hamstring tightness. After undergoing an MRI test on Monday, the pitcher got diagnosed with a low-grade hamstring strain. Subsequently, Bronx Bombers placed Rodon on IL for 15 days. However, despite the injury, the pitcher has not stopped throwing.

As per the latest rumors, Carlos Rodon still continues to throw flat on the ground. Moreover, he looked in good shape, which suggests that the pitcher won’t be missing more than 15 days. While Rodon’s 2023 season has remained underwhelming, his presence in the rotation holds the utmost importance. The bullpen is currently low on starters and needs as many arms available at the deck.