Aaron Judge

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Cap Aaron Judge Couldn’t Save The Yankees From Drowning As Playoff Berth Gets More Farther

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ lead slugger, had been the captain of the team’s ship for several seasons. Last season, he single-handedly carried the club to the postseason. While the Yanks failed to clinch a World Series title, Judge ended by bagging the AL-MVP title. Naturally, the expectation from the slugger was sky-high this year.

To be fair, Aaron Judge did live up to the hype and expectation early into the season before injury derailed his dream run. He first got injured in May and then again in June, which led to not weeks but months of absence. In Judge’s absence, the Yankees failed miserably. Hence, the typical notion suggested that the slugger’s return would change the team’s tide. But, to the Yanks’ misfortune, even their lead slugger and captain couldn’t save them from being the worst performers.


Yankees Are Still The Same Despite Aaron Judge’s Return

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (99) reacts after he strikes out in a Yankees-Rays game on July 31, 2023. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Aaron Judge went into IL indefinitely due to a torn ligament injury. During his absence, the team went 23-29. Moreover, the offense collectively collapsed. The timing of this downfall correlated directly to the Judge’s injury timeline, which led the fans to believe that the captain’s absence was the sole reason behind the whole fiasco. However, even after Aaron returned, things, surprisingly, stayed the same. Since the slugger has made a comeback, the Bronx Bombers went 4-7 and fell 5 and a half games behind the playoff wildcard spot. Having said that, Judge, as a hitter, has not been his usual self since he is playing through the injury. He has failed to find a balance as he struggles with underlying pain.

But to be fair, Aaron Judge had hit moments. He recorded a three-hit game against the Baltimore Orioles and is hitting .185 currently. However, it’s the Yankees who have failed their captain. The pitching, defense, and rest of the offense have failed to step up. Apart from Giancarlo Stanton and DJ LeMahieu, the rest have been inconsistent. Speaking of pitching, Luis Severino and Carlos Rodon are witnessing one of the worst seasons of their career. On top of that, unfortunate injuries are not helping either. All things collectively are sinking the Yankees’ ship. While being last in the AL-East division, the team is still hopeful of making it to the playoffs. But to be honest, it all seems more like a pipe dream and wishful thinking.

Aaron Judge Records Worst Numbers Vs. Astros

Aaron Judge. (Mary Altaffer/AP)

The New York Yankees hosted rivals Houston Astros last weekend in a four-game series. It was the first time the Astros were visiting the Bronx since claiming the World Series trophy in 2022. Hence, the adrenaline between the camps was high. At the same time, expectations around Aaron Judge were also high.

However, the Yankees captain failed to live up to it as he went hitless. Throughout the four-game series, he went 0-for-12 with six strikeouts and three walks. Naturally, the fans were disappointed. Moreover, it robbed the Yanks of a chance to claim a second series win post the All-Star break. That being said, all hopes went to dust as the Yankees had to split the series following a horrific loss in the series finale.