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Yankees Tommy Kahnle’s Ridiculous Idea Of Self-Punishment Following A Bad Outing Revealed!

New York Yankees bullpen has been their biggest positive this season. The relievers’ and closers’ collective ERA ranks the lowest in the league. However, there have been times when the bullpen didn’t perform up to the standards. It could be due to the intense pressure put on by the starters. Still, it’s part of the unpredictable nature of the sport of baseball.

However, for players, who step onto the field each day with full energy and commitment, the miscues often take a toll mentally. This season, Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle has had a couple of troubled outings, which brought his worst side out. His instances of emotional outbursts have been widely seen on the internet. However, apart from this, Kahnle apparently has a unique way of self-punishing, which might baffle the fans.


Tommy Kahnle Apparently Shaves Of His Whole Body After Bad Outings!

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New York Yankees relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle’s unconventional approach to dealing with a bad outing, has recently come to light, revealing a unique and somewhat humorous method of self-punishment. Kahnle’s self-punishment ritual involves shaving off the entire body from head to toe following each bad outing. The ritual first came to light when Kahnle’s Yankee teammate, Michael King, spoke about it on an open forum for the first time. He spoke to Gary Phillips of the New York Daily News and that one day he spotted Kahnle covered in shaving cream. Upon asking the reason, the reliever revealed that its an act of punishment.

Tommy Kahnle acknowledged it and explained the idea behind it. As per the Yankees reliever, a man like him wants to be hairy. But to earn the luxury of having body hair, he needs to perform better on the mound. While it seems like a bizarre act, it makes sense to the reliever and apparently works for him. This lighthearted approach to accountability showcases the mental resilience and self-awareness that athletes like Kahnle possess. Baseball is a game of highs and lows, and players often find unique ways to manage the psychological toll of their performance. Kahnle’s method stands as a testament to his commitment to self-improvement and his desire to hold himself accountable.

Yankees Reliever’s Second Instance Of Emotional Outburst Concerns Fans

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Tommy Kahnle’s onfield demeanor has sent a wave of concern among the fans. Earlier, following a subpar outing, the Yankees reliever had an emotional outburst in the bullpen. He knocked off a table fan by hurling his glove. Further, the pitcher smashed the fans multiple times until it was completely destroyed. Later, manager Aaron Boone stepped in to calm him down.

Meanwhile, Tommy Kahnle had another instance of emotional outburst. After a subpar outing against Chicago White Sox, Kahnle smashed his glove into the bullpen multiple times. This is the reliever’s second outburst in a couple of weeks which has left the fans concerned. The Yankee fanbase is worried about Kahnle’s mental well-being as the Yankees are undergoing major turmoil this season.