Are Roman Reigns and The Rock Brothers? Everyone knows that the fact that both Roman Reigns and Dwayne \”The Rock\” Johnson are Samoans. But are they related to each other? Before becoming the highest-paid Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson performed in WWE under his ring name \”The Rock.\” He was one of the greatest superstars of the Attitude Era, and now, in the Modern Era, he is replaced by Roman Reigns, who claims himself as The Tribal Chief and The Head of the Table. He is also the current Universal Champion, whereas The Rock also held the World Championship in the promotion several times during his career. So, are these two of the greatest professional wrestlers actually brothers? Here is everything to know.


Are Roman Reigns and The Rock Brothers? 

The answer to the question \”Are Roman Reigns and The Rock Brothers?\” is simply yes. They are related to each other as both of them are a part of the great Anao\’i family. It is an American Samoan family which has produced a lot of professional wrestlers and sportspersons. Not only The Rock and Roman Reigns, but notable names like Rikishi, Umaga, The Usos, Wild Samoans, Rosey, and Nia Jax are also a part of the same family tree. Peter Mavia and Dwayne, \”The Rock\” Johnson, are some of the most honorary members of the great Anao\’i family. Ironically, most honorary members are not related to the main branch of the family by blood. Therefore, it goes without saying that Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson are not biologically related to each other. 


How Are The Rock & Roman Reigns Related? 

Now the question pops up that if these two greatest Samoans are not related biologically, then how are they even brothers. Amituana\’i Anoa\’i, the grandfather of Roman Reigns, declared Peter Mavia his brother and made him a part of the great Samoan clan. Since that day, Pater Mavia, the grandfather of Dwayne Johnson, became uncle of Sika, the father of Roman Reigns. Hence, all the descendants of Peter Mavia also became a part of the Anoa\’i family.

Another interesting fact is that the mother of The Rock, Ata Mavia, is not the biological daughter of Peter Mavia. She is the daughter of Lia Futaga, but Peter Mavia raised Ata as her own. Later, Ata tied the knot with Rocky Johnson and gave birth to the most electrifying personality of the sports entertainment, Dwayne \”The Rock\” Johnson. On the other hand, Sika married Lisa Anao\’i Sr. and gave birth to Roman Reigns. As a result, Roman Reigns and Dwayne Johnson are cousin brothers, but they are not related biologically. 


Will Roman Reigns & The Rock Ever Face Each Other? 

A lot of rumors have been making their rounds lately that the main event of WrestleMania 38 will be Roman Reigns Vs. The Rock. WWE is also interested in making this dream match a reality. However, it seems like The Rock won\’t be able to involve in a program next year because of his busy schedule. But the chances are great that the fans will finally get to see the dream matchup between Roman Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania 39. 

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