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Recently, the Lakers acquired Patrick Beverly during the trade window to play in the upcoming NBA season. Since then, there have been solid rumors that Russell Westbrook may be parting ways with the Lakers as they have a new point guard. Although nothing has been confirmed yet. But the rumors are brewing that Miami Heat might be interested in acquiring Westbrook.

Lakers\’ Russell Westbrook May Move To Miami Heat!

Russell Westbrook, a standout player for the LA Lakers, is reportedly interested in joining the Miami Heat. The 17-time winners are allegedly looking at alternatives after the former league MVP\’s disastrous first season. Patrick Beverley\’s recent signing by the Los Angeles Lakers has increased the likelihood that Russell Westbrook will sit on the bench. Although this offseason, Russell Westbrook has received the full support of the Los Angeles Lakers in public. 


However, it\’s difficult to deny that a change of environment would likely benefit the player and the team. As per NBA expert Ric Bucher of Fox Sports, the Miami Heat are the most recent team suggested as a potential home for the former Oklahoma City Thunder guard. According to Bucher, Westbrook moving to Miami is a serious possibility, given the team\’s history of developing fiery talent.

Ric wrote, \”Team executives and scouts could only come up with one potential landing spot, the Miami Heat. Team president Pat Riley has a history of cultivating fiery competitive players, from Alonzo Mourning to Brian Grant to Jimmy Butler\”. Additionally, he mentioned how Kyle Lowry\’s unsuccessful 2021–22 season with the Heat would lead Pat Riley to think about the move considering Westbrook.

Apparently, the Lakers will have an extremely difficult time releasing Westbrook from his contract. The only way Russell Westbrook can leave the 17-time champs now that Westbrook has activated his player option for the upcoming campaign is through a trade.

Will Miami Heat Go For Westbrook?


Miami Heat will need to put together a deal with Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson if they want to get Russell Westbrook in a trade. The latter\’s defensive flaws prevented him from playing much in the postseason. On the other hand, the former had a bad season with the Heat last year.

Lakers might also be interested in the trade as they are known to have eyes on Lowry for about two years now. Meanwhile, the Lakers need perimeter shooting. So, Robinson might be a good fit for the side. Moreover, as Westbrook is an unrestrained free agent, there is not much risk in the trade for the Miami Heat. 

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