The French basketball play Victor Wembanyama has become somewhat of a young sensation in the basketball community in the past some time. Boulogne-Levallois Metropolitans 92 player has been making his impact so much so that even NBA GOAT LeBron James couldn\’t stop himself from praising the young talent. Meanwhile, recently, Victor was spotted sitting alongside Lakers stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James. This has fueled rumors of the Lakers trying to recruit the young French talent. 

Victor Wembanyama Is Seen Sitting With LeBron James and AD!

On Thursday, in the LA Lakers game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, two of the team\’s biggest stars, Anthony Davis and LeBron James, were out of the action. James and Davis were cheering for their team. However, it was the person they were sitting with who had made the news. Both the Lakers were seen sitting alongside Victor Wembanyama. 


Wembanyama is a young wonder who has taken the Basketball world by storm over the past few days. The young basketball sensation is one of the most sought-after players recently, with some people going as far as to call him the future NBA GOAT. Victor is expected to be the No. 1 overall choice in the 2023 NBA Draft. It was his two preseason games this week versus the NBA G League Ignite that ensured that he gained international fame. After another impressive performance against the G League Ignite in which Wembanyama lost 36 points, something happened.

There is no denying fact that there is a lot of hype about the 18-year-old. The image of Victor sitting with LeBron and Anthony was enough to cause a stir on social media. It also gave rise to the speculation that the Lakers will try to recruit Victor in the coming days. If this were to happen, it would really strengthen the Lakers\’ side. Moreover, it would be a move for the future as both James and Anthony are in the advanced stages of their career.  

LeBron James Praises Victor Wembanyama!

Even though he doesn\’t even compete in the league, Victor Wembanyama is the most popular name in the NBA. After his incredible performance against the NBA G League, he received plaudits from everyone. And Lakers legend LeBron James is no exception. According to Lebron, \”Over the past several years, everyone has been a unicorn. However, Wembanyama is more like an alien\”. The Lakers star also reckoned that he had had his sights on the Victor for years.


LeBron James, who has been in the NBA for 20 years, had enjoyed seeing a number of potential superstars when they were still in college. Wembanyama appears to be the favorite to be selected first in the 2018 NBA Draft. Victor stands out from the competition thanks to performances like the one from the other day.

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