Mercedes has been struggling for the majority of the entire 2022 Formula One 2022 season. They are still trying to score their first win. However, the start of the Japanese Grand Prix did bring some good news for the team. Both the Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton secured first and second spots in the first practice race. But unfortunately, team boss Toto Wolff was not present in Japan. This is not unique to Mercedes as Mattia Binotto, the manager of Ferrari, is also missing out on his team\’s races in the Japanese Grand Prix.   

Mercedes And Ferrari Bosses Not Present In Japan!

Mercedes and Ferrari have had contrasting journies in the 2022 Formula One season. They have had quite a forgetful season as they are lagging behind both in constructors\’ and drivers\’ titles. On the other hand, Ferrari is still in the race against Red Bull for the constructor\’s title. But both the teams have one thing in common now, the team leaders of Mercedes and Ferrari will not be present in the Japanese Grand Prix.


The Japanese Grand Prix is taking place this weekend without Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto. The team managers for Mercedes and Ferrari believe that the F1 schedule is too packed to accommodate all of the events. At the team\’s pit wall or garage this weekend, Wolff and Binotto won\’t be noticeable. Wolff earlier told the AP that the congested schedule would force him to forgo a few more events in 2022. During this time, alternate shifts would be made not just for Wolff but for other team members as well.

However, Wolff\’s absence from Japan does not imply that he is not working. He attends the meetings, as usual, so he is up to date on everything that is going on at the circuit. According to, Mattia Binotto is also not in Japan. To work from the plant, he took a trip to Italy.

Updates In The Japanese Grand Prix!


The FIA document states that Ferrari has a new floor that extends to Japan. It should enhance aerodynamics and is a component of the typical development cycle. Therefore, it is not a Suzuka-specific element. The redesigned rear wing provided by AlphaTauri should also increase the amount of downforce. Aston Martin has brought a new Beam Wing. The slimmer and lighter design of this variation will lower the weight and, consequently, the overall drag of the vehicle. On the other hand, Red Bull and Mercedes are not bringing any updates to the Japanese circuit.

However, Red Bull Racing did not bring any improvements to Japan, along with the other six teams. The possibility that Red Bull may go above the financial limit in 2021 and 2022 has already drawn criticism. The reason Red Bull can release so many changes in a year is unknown. 

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