Apple TV+ Soon To Release A Documentary On Lewis Hamilton Similar To King Richard

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

The Seven-time world racing champ Lewis Hamilton and his team are currently working on a documentary by Apple TV+. The documentary will include both on and off-track footage and guest interviews depicting the story of racing professionals and the challenge they face. Earlier in March, Apple acquired the rights to the feature documentary on Lewis Hamilton. The documentary\’s name is yet to be revealed and will be available exclusively on Apple TV+.

Further, the British driver was fascinated by the film and production processes as they had to find the right actors to play the part and work with the scripts. The documentary will be executive produced by Scott Budnick and Richard Pepler. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton, One Community, Box to Box Films, and Penni Throw are the producers for the unnamed documentary. Moreover, Hamilton hopes that the documentary will positively impact the viewers. Lewis Hamilton is quite impressed by Will Smith\’s Oscar-winning film \”King Richard.\” The film is based on Serena Williams, her sister Venus and their father. Hamilton remarked that he would be open to a biopic on him, similarly to King Richard.


Lewis Hamilton Interested In A Biopic:

Hamilton was asked if he would like to have a biopic made on himself. Lewis replied that he and his team are currently working on a documentary. Moreover, Mercedes top-tier racer added, \”I think you have to just do everything at the right time.\”

Lewis said that his current focus was on the documentary. He felt that stories are there to be told, and a lot can be learned from these intriguing stories. Hamilton accepted that perhaps he would go ahead with a biopic one day. Lewis was quite inspired by Will Smith and his team\’s performance in King Richard. The film depicted the story of two great tennis icons, Venus and Serena Williams.


Meanwhile, the motor racing giant said he could relate to the story. He acknowledged that somebody is always playing a crucial role in everyone\’s success. Lewis said that his family had played a major part in his success. He would not have been here today without them. Moreover, Hamilton

feels that his biopic would aim to inspire families in a similar manner.

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