Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe (Yankees) Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media

New York Yankee prospect, Anthony Volpe, lived his dream on Thursday as he made his major league debut wearing the pinstripes.

From a young age, it was certain that Anthony had a natural talent for baseball. He quickly became the star player on his league team, and his skills only continued to improve as he grew older. By the time Volpe reached high school, he had become one of the top prospects in the country. In his senior year of high school, Anthony was drafted by the Bronx Bombers in the first round of the 2019 MLB draft. It was a huge moment for Anthony, who had always dreamed of playing for the Yankees.


Since then, Anthony has been working hard to make his mark in the minor leagues. Moreover, after a consistent performance, he earned an opportunity to fight a shortstop battle in spring training, which he aced and outperformed all his competitors. Subsequently, he received a dream call-up to feature in the Yankees’ 2023 opening-day roster. Meanwhile, as his dad watched his son live his dream, he shared a unique incident from Volpe’s childhood, which indicates how he was born to be a Yankee.

Anthony Volpe Was Born To Become A Yankee, Reveals His Dad

Anthony Volpe
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New York Yankees’ youngest debutant since Derek Jeter, Anthony Volpe, was born to be a baseball player for the Yankees. When his mom, Isabelle Volpe, went into labor on April 28, 2001, his dad, Dr. Michael Volpe, a massive Yankee fan, watched the game on the sidelines. Just after he was born, his uncle brought in an adult-size Yankee cap and placed it on the head of two hours old Anthony Volpe. Just then, Dr. Michael knew that Anthony would end up playing for the Yanks with a packed crowd of Bronx cheering on his back.

Well, Anthony Volpe certainly lived his father’s dream and made his debut at the tender age of 21 with a huge load of crowd welcoming him with the loudest cheers. But Anthony isn’t just playing for the Yankees. He’s playing for his family, friends, and hometown of Watchung, New Jersey. He’s playing for all the people who believed in him from the beginning and supported him along the way. Moreover, with his talent, work ethic, and love for the game, there’s no doubt that he’ll achieve great things in the following years to come. And who knows? Maybe someday he’ll even help lead the Yankees to another championship.

Anthony Volpe Showed Great Resilience In His First Plate Appearance

Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media

The Yankee debutant for the opening day, Anthony Volpe, calmed his nerves in his very first major league plate appearance. The shortstop, who analyzed Logan Webb‘s pitches from the dugout, devised a smart plan to earn a free walk. He observed his pitches and let the ones out of the strike zone slide. While he missed a few hits, Volpe kept his nerves and stuck to the plan.

A sinker of 92.2 mph did the trick, and Anthony Volpe didn’t even wait for the umpire’s call and walked down to the first base. Aaron Judge, the captain, praised Volpe’s patience and called him a real competitor. Moreover, the skipper Aaron Boone also lauded the shortstop and said he looked confident during the whole game. He showed no nerves and was as sure as an experienced major league player.