Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge Re-Establishes His Dominance, Woos The Packed New York Crowd With Phenomenal Hit

New York Yankees’ captain, Aaron Judge, picked up from where he left off with the bat and scored the first runs for the team in the season opener.

Aaron Judge faced the San Francisco Giants, the team he nearly closed the deal with in the free agency, on the 2023 MLB season opening day. The packed crowd of New York welcomed their hero with the loudest of cheers, and the slugger did not disappoint. He managed to get the first runs on board for the Yankees in his very first at-bat of the first innings.


The Yankees, on the other hand, crushed the Giants completely and took home a convincing 5-0 victory. The Giants went back scoreless as Gerrit Cole successfully pitched six shutout innings. While there were many wow moments in the entire game, Judge’s hit completely stole the show. The captain produced headlines within minutes of his 2023 campaign, and the New Yorkers couldn’t be happier.

Aaron Judge Picks Up From Where He Left Off, Scores His First Homer Of The 2023 Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge destroyed a baseball. Via @Yankees Twitter

The 2022 AL-MVP award winner, Aaron Judge, went on a home run spree last season. He surpassed the magical figure of 61 and got his name stamped in the books of history. After all the glory and an eventful off-season, Judge was poised for a perfect inaugural game against the San Francisco Giants. Moreover, Judge brought some salt to rub on the Giants’ unhealed free agency wounds. The 6-foot-7 beast arrived on the plate for his first at-bat of the season in the very first inning of the game and left a profound impact.

Aaron Judge smacked his first home run of the season on the very first pitch he faced off Logan Webb, the Giants starter for the opening day. The crowd stood up to applaud their captain and celebrated the first run on board with the loudest cheers. Meanwhile, for Judge, the 2023 debut couldn’t get better. He faced a rival team in his first game as a captain and helped the team put the first runs on board which eventually helped in putting extra pressure on the opposition’s hitters, who went scoreless at the end of 9 innings. Overall, the Yankees had a perfect Thursday night and went home with wide smiles.

Teammates, Coaches In Awe Of Judge’s Homer

New York Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone, was left awestruck by Judge’s hit and was in complete shock. As soon as Aaron Judge made his way back to the dugout after the homer, Boone asked, “Really?”. Moreover, Anthony Volpe, the highly regarded debutant, loved every moment of Aaron Judge on the field. Firstly, he was in awe of the enormous welcome the slugger received. It was something Volpe had never experienced before.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (Yankees) Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

On top of that, the way Aaron Judge channeled that energy into the first hit, Anthony Volpe thought it was a super cool moment. Overall, Judge has announced his arrival in style and already put his contenders for this year’s MVP race. If he manages to go on with the same form, the award is just written on the wall. And who knows, maybe he aces the highly impossible task of recreating the phenomenal 62-home run season.