Aaron Judge

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Giants Feel “Extra Motivated” To Face Yankees’ Aaron Judge In Season Opener After Off-Season Fall Out

New York Yankees’ star outfielder Aaron Judge will be a focal point of the 2023 MLB season opener between the Giants and the Bombers. He rattled the San Francisco Giants after refusing a gigantic contract. Despite being loyal to the city of New York, the slugger landed in San Francisco to have negotiations with the Giants. Apparently, the move was considered a trick to leverage the New York Yankees into chipping in more cash. At last, Aaron succeeded in his attempts and re-signed with the Yanks.

However, the decision did not go down well with the Giants, who were left utterly disappointed by the slugger’s move. Nonetheless, the reality is Aaron Judge is now the captain of the $7 billion franchise and is all set to face the Giants in the season opener on March 31. Ahead of the game, a war of words has begun on social media platforms between the two arch-rivals.


Giants Prepared To Face Aaron Judge In League Opener

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge-Logan Webb (Yankees)

Aaron Judge has been one of the most dominant players in baseball since he first joined the New York Yankees in 2016. Standing at 6-foot-7 tall, the slugger is a beast at the plate, and his power has made him a fan favorite in New York and beyond. He has already won the 2017 Rookie of the Year award and 2022 AL-MVP and looks poised to continue his success for years to come. Hence, all eyes will remain stationed on Judge during the opening day game on March 30.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants, who came close to signing Aaron Judge in this off-season, will face the slugger in the opening game. Speaking on the preparations, the Giants’ president of baseball operations spoke to Susan Slusser of The San Francisco Chronicle. He said facing Judge in the season opener would be fun. He further elaborated, saying the team must accept that the slugger is now in the opposition and should only provide nothing less than extra motivation during the game. Interesting times lie ahead as the arch-rivals look set to clash on opening day.

Opening Day Starters For The Yankees And The Giants Revealed

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole-Logan Webb

Meanwhile, the 2023 MLB season opening day is just a week away. New York Yankees will face arch-rivals San Francisco Giants in the Bronx for the season opener. Further, ahead of the game, both teams have announced their starters for the much-anticipated match. While Gerrit Cole will lead the Bombers’ rotation, Logan Webb will start for the Giants on March 30.

On the other hand, Cole spoke highly of his opponent and called him a nice guy with one hell of a sinker. The Yankees veteran praised Webb’s pitching style and referred to him as an aggressive thrower. Both Webb and Cole are elite pitchers in MLB with impressive numbers. They have mastered the art of deception on the mound and managed to instill fear among the hitters. Hence, watching these two stalwarts on opening day will be a treat for baseball fans.