Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe (Yankees) Twitter: @TalkinYanks

The New York Yankees’ soon-to-be starting shortstop Anthony Volpe, looks set to don this Yankee veteran’s jersey number on his MLB debut.

After a months-long battle, Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees’ top prospect, won the starting shortstop’s role. The 21-year-old seems set to make his major league debut today against the San Francisco Giants in the season opener. It is a big day for the rookie as before the beginning of the spring training, no one thought he would end up on the opening day roster.


However, with much resilience and a thumping spring performance, Anthony Volpe made it to the opening day. He traveled with the team to New York and would receive the to play his debut game at the iconic Bronx stadium. Meanwhile, the prospect faced a conundrum regarding his jersey number, as the options were highly limited. Regardless, the shortstop has finalized a number and received the blessing from a former veteran for the same.

Anthony Volpe To Don Number 11, Seeks Blessing Of Former Yankee Brett Gardner

Anthony Volpe
Twitter: @NewYorkYankees

The New York Yankees have a glorious history filled with legendary players, from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter. The team has retired a certain number belonging to the biggest names in baseball. However, not all numbers have been retired, and sometimes a new player has to ask permission to wear a particular number. That was the case with Anthony Volpe, who recently got the blessing of veteran outfielder Brett Gardner to wear No. 11.

Brett Gardner, a fan favorite and one of the longest-tenured Yankees, was happy to grant Volpe’s request. His manager issued a statement and said Brett had extended his blessings to the young rookie and wished him the best for his first major season. On the other hand, Anthony Volpe wore number 7 in the minors as a tribute to his grandfather, who adored a former Yankee legend, Mickey Mantle. However, the Bombers retired that number after Mickey’s retirement. Still, Volpe stuck to number 7 and started donning 77. Now, he is all set to take up a new number to embark on a fresh journey with the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge Reminds Volpe Of One Aspect He Needs To Work On Before Debut

Aaron Judge-Anthony Volpe

Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain, talked to the media moments before leaving for New York for the opening day. Moreover, he addressed the man of the hour, Anthony Volpe, and stated the one thing the rookie lags before the debut, which he needs to work on. Judge said Volpe needs to find a way to address the Bleacher Creatures’ roll call on the field.

The Bleacher Creatures are a group of Yankees fans who sit in the right field of Yankee Stadium. They remain known for their distinctive roll call, where they chant the name of each Yankee player until the player responds to them with a wave or a nod. The roll call has become a beloved tradition among Yankees fans, and it’s a way for the Bleacher Creatures to show their support for the team.