Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge Shohei Ohtani

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees star and leader, took home his first AL-MVP award as a reward for one of the best offensive seasons in the history of MLB.

The New York Yankees outfielder entered the 2022 season with a lot of doubts and an uncertain future. The slugger, deemed to hit free agency in 2023, had one last shot to prove his worth to the legendary sport of baseball. And he did just that, a little over, perhaps. Aaron Judge finished the 2022 season a hero after smashing numerous records with ridiculously crazy overall numbers.


The slugger broke the long-withstanding home run record by hitting 62 home runs. Even though his team, the New York Yankees, failed to win the ALCS, he emerged as one of the top players of the season and put a strong contender ship for the MVP award. However, he was met with intense competition from Angeles utility player Shohei Ohtani. Moreover, after a cutthroat race, Judge swept the award with a minimal majority. However, this season, the tables look set to turn.

2023 Predictions Give Shohei Ohtani An Edge Over Aaron Judge In The MVP Race

Aaron Judge
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The 2022 season was a historic one for New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge. His extraordinary numbers helped him clinch his first-ever AL-MVP award. However, despite his outstanding performance, he has fallen behind Shohei Ohtani in the 2023 AL MVP odds. The MVP award slipped away from Shohei Othani’s hands last season despite hitting .273, with 34 homer runs, a 2.33 ERA, with 219 strikeouts in 28 game starts. Unlike Judge, Othani is an all-round player and put up exceptional numbers, as mentioned above, in 2022. However, Judge’s 62 home run record did the trick and helped him get an edge over Othani.

Not anymore. As per 2023 MVP predictions, Shohei Ohtani will most likely take away the MVP award from Aaron Judge’s kit. The all-rounder is set to enter free agency and, just like Judge, is expected to have a breakthrough season even better than last year. Moreover, as per John Ewing from BetMGM, Othani’s MVP odds stand at +200 compared to Judge’s +500. Clearly, the Angeles’ DH is leading the race for now, mostly because of his utility role. However, for what it’s worth, these predictions are mere conjectures, and the situation can change quickly once the season begins. Regardless, the MVP race this year will be close and a thrilling contest.

Judge Unlikely To Be The Leadoff Hitter This Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (l) and DJ LeMahieu AP

Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu’s season-ending toe injury came in as a blessing in disguise for record chaser Aaron Judge. It helped him secure the leadoff hitter’s position in the starting lineup. Hence, those extra at-bats at the top eventually helped him get the historic home run record under his name. However, the table has turned this season as DJ returns with a bang.

DJ LeMahieu, the New York Yankees’ regular leadoff hitter, is back in full health this season. Moreover, he is set to take back his original position as the leadoff hitter for the team. On top of that, Aaron Boone, the skipper, confirmed the news and announced DJ as the leadoff for the opening day. Hence, Aaron Judge will have to move down the order, and those lost at-bats could dent his MVP odds even further.