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Anthony Davis Suffering With More Injuries! Will He Stay Out Of Lakers’ Next Game Against The Grizzlies

Anthony Davis has been remarkable in carrying the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs this year. It was not easy, as LeBron James was missing for a long time, and the team was not even in the top ten. It took a herculean effort to bring the team from the bottom half to the top and to the playoffs via play-in. After working so hard, if anybody or any team gives up on an easy opportunity to proceed further is nothing but stupid. It does not look good to miss out on the chance to better the lead and get a stronghold on the series.

That is what the fans and experts are talking about. After reaching Memphis for the first game in the series, very few gave the Lakers a chance to beat the Grizzlies with Ja Morant. However, the Lakers did it, and Ja Morant could not stop Anthony Davis from leading the force of the Lakers to a thumping victory over the hosts. Hence, the hopes of the fans were uplifted after such a great show.


Stephen A. Smith Is Not Happy With Anthony Davis

Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers
AD and Darvin Ham Lakers

For the second game in the playoffs, series Ja Morant was unavailable due to an injury. It was a golden opportunity for Anthony Davis to help his team win another game on the road. But no, AD displayed a disappointing show as he scored a mere 13 points, and the Lakers lost. Other than LeBron James and Rui Hachimura, none of the rest was able to score twenty points or more. The LA side should have better chances. Instead, the Grizzlies made it even.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is slamming AD for a lackluster performance that might cost the Lakers the series and the playoffs. Smith pointed out that many valuable players of the Grizzlies were unavailable. As a result, Anthony Davis was the main focus to take full advantage of the whole situation. But he was nowhere to be found. According to Smith, that is unacceptable. Davis is supposed to be the power of the Lakers’ defense. But still, Xavier Tillman of the Grizzlies was able to score 22 points and get 13 rebounds. Seriously, where was Anthony Davis? As a result, Smith added the word “shameful” in regard to AD. He said that if the Lakers lose this series, they might point out to this game which they just let go out of hand.   

What’s The Matter With AD And Injuries?

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers

Instead of winning matches for the team Anthony Davis has stayed out of the game frequently. It has been more this season due to injuries. AD is super talented but super vulnerable to injuries as well. Due to his injury-prone character, TNT’s Charles Barkey called him “Street Clothes.”

Against the Grizzlies, AD has sustained two more injuries. And there is no confirmation yet if these injuries will let him stay out of the court again or not. AD has already missed a ton of games this season due to injuries. He was unavailable since December due to a stress injury and missed as many as 20 games on the trot.