Lakers, LeBron James, Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Source – Getty

The Los Angeles Lakers spilled the beans yet again in game 5, where they had the opportunity to seal the series. However, it would have been very unlike the Ham’s side if they had won it last night. This LA side has made a pattern out of taking things to the last minute. Even during the regular season, if they had won against the Los Angeles Clippers, they would have scored a direct qualification, but they did not. And it happened again last night when they messed up their chance to wrap up the first round of the playoffs.

Jeanie Buss, the Lakers president, was extremely happy at the level of persistence her players have shown this year. After a bad start of 2-10, playing in the playoffs has been a real turn of events for them. “I’m proud of this Lakers team this season,” said Buss in a recent interview with Natasha Dye. However, she would not have liked the fact that they lost a crucial game 5. Considering the loss, the team will now have to contest another game with Memphis Grizzlies to decide the winner. But what went wrong for the former champions?


Lack Of Anthony Davis Can Cause Problems

There is no doubt that the 29-year-old is an irreplaceable player in LA’s squad. Whenever he has had to miss the court, LeBron James has to push his limits to keep the balance. And if he failed to do so, the results usually did not come along their team’s way. But even on the nights that he is playing, Davis is not allowed to rest because, without him, the team falls miserably. Last night Anthony was on the court for 35 minutes, and the team led by +6 points. And when he went to the bench, the team was tailing behind with 23 points.

They attack the paint more when I’m not in the game. Offensive rebounds,” asserted Davis in the post-game interview. It looks like the only quick fix Ham can offer currently is asking Davis for more minutes. And the former champion is ready to play for 48 minutes if required, he said after the game 5 loss. Without Davis, the Lakers’ spinless defense will suffer recklessly under the Grizzlies’ attack, who are desperate to level the score. Even LeBron did not have much to contribute in the last game.

LeBron Needs To Improve For The Lakers Progression

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers). Source - ESPN

The 38-year-old has suffered for the 3-pointers this season, and it caused them the fifth game of the series. James only contributed 15 points with five turnovers while shooting. His stats were very poor for his standards, making only 5-17 from the field and 1-9 from long range.

Greatest basketball player ever to touch the court. So I mean, it’s fine. He’ll be fine. He’ll adjust,” acknowledged Anthony Davis regarding LeBron. If the Lakers want to make progress into the league, LBJ will have to make more impact with his long-range shots. It will be a do-or-die game for the Memphis side, so they will bring their A-game. The Lakers will have to come up with better tactics to stop them.