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LA Lakers\’ Anthony Davis has seen his reputation decline somewhat over the previous few seasons. The 29-year-old is frequently seated on the team\’s bench while wearing civilian clothing. Due to his frequent absences, eight-time All-Star big man Street Clothes has been given the nickname \”Street Clothes\” by TNT pundit and Hall of Fame power player Charles Barkley. Davis, albeit, got regularly sidelined by injury. However, he is not even close to being the most frequently injured NBA star headquartered in Los Angeles, according to ESPN\’s Los Angeles writer Ramona Shelburne.

Kawhi Leonard has only been available for 109 regular season games, compared to Davis\’ 138 appearances, Paul George\’s 133 for the Clippers since the tragic day in Game 1 of the 2017 Western Conference Finals. He unintentionally stepped on Zaza Pachulia\’s foot, Kawhi Leonard has a reputation for being injury prone. Leonard also completely missed the 2021–22 season while healing from an ACL rupture.


Since his time with Thunder, George has battled a number of illnesses, many of which commonly involve his shoulder. Anthony Davis has been away a lot, even when considering the games these guys have missed. Since 2019, injuries have kept him out of action for an incredible 88 regular-season games. When available, Davis has greatly contributed to L.A. Davis had a season-high 26.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 2.3 blocks. And 1.5 blocks per game as the squad won the 2019–20 NBA championship.

ESPN Rankings Are Disrespectful To Anthony Davis!

The legendary NBA team of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, along with their hegemonic success, have always been a source of pride for Lakers supporters. They successfully guided the group to the NBA title in their first season of partnership. Since then, though, they have struggled to maintain their health. James and Davis have, in contrast, lost a lot of their appeal, according to the NBA experts on ESPN\’s panel. They believe that this has happened quickly.


However, the NBA experts on ESPN\’s panel believe that James and Davis have quickly lost a lot of their appeal. A short while ago, Davis was considered to be the NBA\’s top power forward. In the 2019–20 season, he had a triple-double with 26.1 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 2.3 shot blocks per contest. During the playoffs, he raised his scoring and rebounding figures to 27.7 and 9.7 per game, respectively, as Los Angeles won the championship. But over the last two years, he has been plagued by many ailments that have ruined both of the Lakers\’ seasons.

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