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Another Serious Threat Lurking For Red Bull Other Than Rivals Like Mercedes & Ferrari

Red Bull is clearly the most dominant team in Formula One at present due to their amazing car and stunning drivers. On the other hand, the other two powerhouses – Ferrari and Mercedes have not been very lucky this year. They have won a podium finish each so far. And Red Bull has won all the races of the ongoing season. Clearly, the RB19 car is the one to beat. No other cars on the grid are able to come close to the pace and quality of Red Bull’s RB19. It is even speculated that the Austrian team might win all the races in the 2023 F1 season. Hence, the RB19 car might help them create history.

Last year, the Austrian team won 17 races out of 21. While Sergio Perez won a couple, Max Verstappen won the lion’s share of 15 out of the 17 Grand Prix wins. Moreover, the team would like to continue their winning habit as they have won six out of six this season so far. Verstappen has won four, and Checo again won a couple till now. However, other than Mercedes and Ferrari, the only team that is getting closest to Red Bull is Aston Martin. In fact, they are the second-ranking constructors at present. But Red Bull’s advisor is excited about the rise of Alpine’s Esteban Ocon at the front of the grid.


Helmut Marko Wishes Alpine Would Give Some Competition To The Leaders

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Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Currently, Mercedes is just a point behind Aston Martin in the constructors’ championship. And Fernando Alonso is in third position in the drivers’ standings for Aston Martin. Apparently, the two Red Bull drivers have hijacked the number one and two spots. Not only that, Max Verstappen is enjoying a healthy lead over the rest, and Alonso is only 12 points behind the second-positioned Sergio Perez. However, if Aston Martin will not be enough to challenge the team in the near future, then a new challenger in the form of Alpine is emerging. Recently, Alpine driver Esteban Ocon finished at P3, gaining a podium finish at the Monaco GP. He beat Lewis Hamilton, who finished at P4. This happened when Ferrari and Mercedes looked like no competition to Red Bull, although Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso had impressed everybody.

But in Monaco, Ocon raised the hopes of Alpine fans and his team altogether. Moreover, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is happy to see Alpine Team doing well and is hoping to see them challenge Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team. The 79-year-old advisor suggested that it is good for the viewers to see a healthy competition going on between them and Alpine. According to him, Mercedes has been relatively backward this season, and so has Ferrari. But Red Bull’s advisor is impressed with Alpine taking a step forward.

More Alpine Wins, More Red Bull Gains Lead Over Rivals

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Apparently, if Alpine gets a few more podium finishes in the upcoming races, then it will help Red Bull gain even more leads over Mercedes and Ferrari and also Aston Martin. In the ongoing Spanish GP, Max Verstappen maintained his hold onto the top position in all the free practices. He even secured the pole for the main race event on sunday.

Moreover, Alonso qualified for the ninth position, and Alpine’s Esteban Ocon maintained a pretty good pace to finish at P7. On the other hand, Mercedes have more things to worry about. Even with new upgrades, Lewis Hamilton barely managed to secure P5, while George Russell prematurely got out in Q2 only to secure P12 position for tomorrow’s race.