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ANALYSIS: Sergio Perez, King Of Street Circuits, Will Have The Upper Hand At The Monaco Grand Prix

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has established himself as an expert while driving on street circuits. He is the only driver in F1’s history to win two races in Baku, Azerbaijan. Every F1 fan and expert can feel how exciting the competition is gradually becoming because of the two Red Bull drivers. Out of the five races so far, the Austrian team has won all of them. Three for Max Verstappen and two for Sergio Perez. But the Mexican is eager to level it with Max as soon as possible.

Sergio Perez wants to be the new world champion. And clearly, other teams and drivers don’t have a chance because their car is nowhere near as fast as RB19. Currently, the only competition or threat, in other words, Max may have to his third title in a row dream, is his teammate himself. Checo is driving the same car and has proven quite formidable. He looked pretty indomitable on street circuits after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this season.


Damon Hill Feels Checo Has A Better Chance To Win In Monaco Than Max

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Recently, the Imola Grand Prix was canceled due to a terrible flood. Hence, the next Grand Prix in the F1 calendar this year will be at the iconic Monaco track. It is a street circuit. Hence, the Mexican has a better chance of winning his third race of the season. The 1996 world champion Damon Hill also suggests Sergio Perez has a better chance than Max Verstappen of winning the Monaco Grand Prix next weekend. While stating the reason, Hill pointed out the races in Jeddah and Baku. He believes that Perez will be better than Verstappen at Monaco as well.

At this point, RB19 is the fastest and unbeatable car on the grid. Max Verstappen is the reigning double-time champion and is still leading the table. Without a fast and smooth car, it is difficult for any driver to catch up to the Dutchman. But if there is a racer who can catch up to Verstappen and even beat him, it is Sergio Perez. It is because they drive the same RB19 car. Damon Hill also spoke about the last race in Miami, where Checo looked really good until Max edged past him. Hence, Checo cannot let Max edge past him in Monaco. Moreover, the Mexican driver should utilize the advantage of driving in a street circuit. He will need to hold on till they cross the finish line because everyone knows how dangerous Max can be at the final laps of the GPs.

Sergio Perez & Max Verstappen Are Making Red Bull Boss Very Happy

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Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

At present, Checo is just 14 points behind Max. So, he must win the next Monaco GP to be the new number one at the table. Undoubtedly, Christian Horner would be happy to see both Red Bull drivers dominating the grid. He would want another one-two finish for his team.

Although, Horner might also want a good gap between the two Red Bull cars so that there is a lack of difficulty in overtaking. Meanwhile, the other teams need to bring major upgrades to their car to increase their chances of a better finish this season.