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Aroldis Chapman-Yankees

Former Yankee relief pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, is left stranded without a contract ahead of the spring training session.

Aroldis Chapman fell from riches to rags after a disappointing 2022 season. Moreover, his association with the Yankees was filled with controversies. After being left out of the ALDS roaster due to mandatory workout tantrums, the pitcher missed the postseason due to an unfortunate injury. Apparently, Chapman went to get his leg inked, wherein he suffered a severe infection. Hence, the infected leg forced the relief pitcher to miss out on the postseason with the Yankees.


Meanwhile, Aroldis Chapman’s 5-year contract ended last season. And the bombers decided not to re-sign him for the upcoming season for obvious reasons. Hence, the 34-year-old floats in the free agent market without a contract with just two months to go for spring training. However, there is a ray of hope for the relief pitcher, as three clubs might possibly show interest in him before the trade deadline ends.

Three Teams That Could Pitch For Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman Yankees

1. Miami Marlins

Aroldis Chapman could find a temporary place with the Marlins. Miami is looking for a good ninth-innings option to feature in their bullpen this year. Hence, Chapman’s experience in the ninth innings will make him a perfect fit for the Marlins. Also, the club is looking to build a community connection with the people of Miami. Since the majority of the residents in Miami are Cuban, Chapman can help achieve the community goal. Overall, the Miami Marlins can take the plunge to bring Aroldis Chapman on board for a short period of time.

2. Oakland Athletics

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Oakland Athletics is yet another team looking for a closer in their roaster. Interestingly, the club was supposed to have a quiet trade season. However, the exact opposite situation is unfolding as the Athletics are being very active this off-season. They have signed plenty of new talents for a maximum of two-year contracts. Yet, they still have a closer slot left to fill. Hence, Aroldis Chapman might be the right pick for the club. His years-long closing experience in the ninth innings makes him a must-have in the bullpen candidate. If healthy, Chapman could prove to be one of the finest closes for Oakland.

3. Chicago Cubs

Relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman could have a reunion with the Cubs for the upcoming MLB season. As a matter of fact, Chapman registered his best as a close while playing for the Cubs. His post-season heroics won Chicago Cubs a championship title in 2016, ending the 108-year-long drought. Meanwhile, the Cubs have their roaster figured but lack a designated closer. Hence, Chapman looks like a perfect candidate for the Cubs to fill in their bullpen. Moreover, his past records with the club are something that cannot be overlooked. Overall, reuniting with Chapman is a good option for the Cubs.

To conclude, Aroldis Chapman is still relevant despite all the outside noise, and it will be interesting to see which club finally finalizes on Chapman.

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